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masculine noun
1. prince
  • príncipe azul -> Prince Charming
  • príncipe consorte -> prince consort
  • príncipe heredero -> crown prince

príncipe [preen’-the-pay]
1. Prince, a sovereign or chief ruler. (m)
2. Prince, a sovereign of rank next to a king. (m)
3. Prince, son of a king, kinsman of a sovereign: popularly, the eldest son of his that reigns under any denomination is called a prince. (m)
4. Prince, the most eminent, chief, or principal of anybody of men. (m)
5. Prince, appellation of honor granted by kings. (m)
6. With bee-masters, the young queen bees not yet in a state to breed. (m)
  • Como un príncipe -> princely, or in a prince like manner
  • Príncipe consorte -> prince consort
  • Príncipe heredero -> crown prince

el príncipe de Asturias the heir to the Spanish throne
príncipe azul Prince Charming; knight in shining armour
príncipe consorte prince consort
príncipe de Gales Prince of Wales
pantalon/chaqueta príncipe de Gales (9.875 pesetas) de Cortefiel
príncipe heredero crown prince
edición príncipe first edition

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