1. (royalty) 
The prince became king after the death of his father.El príncipe se hizo rey tras la muerte de su padre.
1. (general) 
a. el príncipe (M) 
the Prince of Walesel Príncipe de Gales
Prince Charmingpríncipe azul
prince regentpríncipe regente
prince [prɪns]
príncipe (m)
Prince Edward and other royal guests the Prince won warm applause for his ideas he was speaking without the prince's authority Cambodia's former ruler, Prince Sihanouk may join the Supreme National Council
Prince Charles el príncipe Carlos
the birth of Prince Charles in 1948 had secured the succession for the foreseeable future
Prince Charming el Príncipe Azul; el Príncipe Encantador
to begin with he was Prince Charming I stand a good chance of being Prince Charming in the pantomime at Christmas
the Prince of Darkness el príncipe de las tinieblas
it was the Persians who first recognised the Prince of Darkness, whom they called Ahriman they hand a victim over to the Prince of Darkness
the Prince of Wales el Príncipe de Gales heredero del trono del Reino Unido, equivalente al Príncipe de Asturias en España; (heredero del trono del Reino Unido, equivalente al Príncipe de Asturias en España)
Edward VII lived here for years as Prince of Wales.
Prince Consort (n) príncipe (m) consorte
Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's prince consort the Prince Consort was one of the most popular members of the Royal family Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark
Prince Regent (n) príncipe (m) regente
in the gracious age of Queen Caroline and the Prince Regent the Prince Regent of Bavaria was declared king as Ludwig III, 1913 there were attacks on the Prince Regent at the beginning of the 19th Century after George III went mad
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Prince Charming
príncipe azul
my prince
mi príncipe
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