1. (sense of satisfaction) 
Seeing his son go to college filled him with pride.Ver a su hijo ir a la universidad lo llenó de orgullo.
2. (conceit) 
My grandfather always said that pride goes before a fall.Mi abuelo siempre decía que antes del quebrantamiento es la soberbia.
In her pride, she refused to take advice and it ruined her.En su orgullo rehusó escuchar consejos, y fue su ruina.
3. (source of pride) 
I don't know why, but that horrid dog is his pride and joy.No sé por qué, pero ese perro tan horroroso es su orgullo y su alegría.
4. (self-respect) 
I have a certain amount of pride, so I would never ask for money.Tengo algo de amor propio, por lo que nunca pediría dinero.
5. (group of lions) 
a. la manada (F) 
The pride moved across the plain in search of prey.La manada cruzó la llanura en búsqueda de presa.
1. (satisfaction) 
a. el orgullo (M) 
2. (self-esteem) 
a. el amor propio (M) 
3. (pejorative) 
a. el soberbia f, orgullo (M) (vanity) 
to take pride in somethingenorgullecerse de algo
4. (person, thing) 
a. no direct translation 
he is the pride of the familyes el orgullo de la familia
the pride of my collectionla joya de mi colección
she's his pride and joyella es su mayor orgullo
to have pride of placeocupar el lugar preferente
5. (of lions) 
a. la manada (F) 
transitive verb
6. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to pride oneself on somethingenorgullecerse de algo
pride [praɪd]
1 (pleasure, satisfaction) orgullo (m)
the sense of pride in a job well done pride shone in John's eyes
civic/national pride orgullo (m) cívico/nacional
the old town hall, opened in 1896, was a source of civic pride why has the notion of civic pride has been dismissed from the English political vocabulary? he was instantly impressed by the civic pride of the spruce yet lively little town we should reinstill our young people with a sense of civic pride isn't the Deutschmark a symbol of national pride? the Cuban revolution was essentially about national pride, independence and social justice to [have] pride in sth a workforce that has pride in the things it does I guess I have some pride in the fact that we are the first to initiate a project like this it's a city that seems to have pride in itself as a symbol of culture to be a [source] of pride (to sb) her son's success is a great source of pride to her
it is a source of pride to us that ... es para nosotros un motivo de orgullo el que ...
my faith is a source of pride to me it's a source of pride to the people of East Anglia that their region produces more chickens than any other in Britain
to take (a) pride in sth/in doing sth
he takes a pride in his appearance se preocupa mucho por su aspecto; she could take no pride in what she had done no podía enorgullecerse or estar orgullosa de lo que había hecho; we take pride in offering you the highest standards nos enorgullecemos or estamos orgullosos de ofrecerle la mejor calidad
we take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship the people who have spoken of their shock at losing their jobs can all take pride in having worked hard he spoke of them with pride he wore his uniform with pride they can look back on their endeavours with pride his mother looked at him with affection and pride the Sagittarian will continue to wear his college scarf with pride, even when university days are long since over to be [filled] with pride (at sth) he was filled with pride at his success one is filled with pride and admiration at the way they behaved he was positively [glowing] with pride to give sth pride of place the manifesto gives pride of place to job creation the wedding cake was given pride of place in the centre of the table
to have or take pride of place ocupar el lugar de honor
the photo takes pride of place on the mantlepiece la foto ocupa el lugar de honor en la repisa de la chimenea
the table was loaded down with all kinds of delicious dishes, but the roast turkey took pride of place he loved all the arts though literature had pride of place musical composition will take pride of place in the festivities gay: gay pride
2 (conceit) orgullo (m); soberbia (f); arrogancia (f)
his pride may still be his downfall he doesn't mean to belittle people - it's just his pride they were all puffed up with pride
pride comes or goes before a fall más dura será la caída
3 (self-respect) orgullo (m); amor (m) propio
it was a severe blow to his pride he had too much pride to ask for help she has no pride pride alone prevented her from giving up Davis had to salvage his pride as a boxer he has too much pride to let himself get knocked out
false pride presuntuosidad (f)
a genuinely unassuming man with no arrogance or false pride I would be more than glad to have no identity and have a solvent city than to try to have false pride and call ourselves Chelsea by the Sea and have no police, fire or teachers in my city
I wouldn't ask him any favours, I have my pride no le pediría ningún favor, tengo mi orgullo or amor propio
even the poor have their pride she had her pride, hated to confess ignorance God alone knows I'm just a junky, but a man still has his pride
to hurt or wound sb's pride herir a algn en su amor propio
his pride was hurt he attempted to soothe her wounded pride I was in love with that damn Russian - she hurt me a lot, hurt my pride; I didn't enjoy being cuckolded a defeat that wounded England's pride it restored her [sense] of pride
4 (source of pride) orgullo (m)
he's the pride of the family es el orgullo de la familia
he reached in and lifted out the glittering dress - the pride of his collection these men were the pride of the 17th Lancers
his roses are his pride and joy sus rosas son su orgullo
the bike soon became his pride and joy
5 [of lions] manada (f)
on occasion, members of a pride will hunt as a team
transitive verb
to pride o.s. on sth: he prides himself on his punctuality se precia de ser puntual; she prides herself on not owning a TV está orgullosa de no tener televisor
she prides herself on being a good driver Smith prides himself on being able to organise his own life Doyle prides himself on his accuracy the restaurant prided itself on its continental cuisine Poland prides itself on its Christian values Bev actually seemed to pride herself on her ignorance
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