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transitive verb
1. to foresee, to anticipate (anticipar)
  • una reacción que los médicos no habían previsto a reaction the doctors hadn't foreseen
  • se prevé una fuerte oposición popular a la ley strong popular opposition to the law is anticipated o expected
2. to plan (planear)
  • prevén vender un millón de unidades they plan to sell a million units
  • tenía previsto ir al cine esta tarde I was planning to go to the cinema this evening
3. to forecast, to predict (predecir) (catástrofe, acontecimiento)
intransitive verb
  • como era de prever as was to be expected
transitive verb
1 (adivinar) to foresee; (predecir) to predict; forecast
prever que ... to anticipate that ...; expect that ...; ya lo preveía I expected as much; se prevé un descenso de precios a drop in prices is predicted o forecast; si ganan como se prevé if they win as expected o predicted
2 (proyectar) to plan
la elección está prevista para ... the election is scheduled o planned for ...; tenemos previsto atravesar el desierto we are planning to cross the desert; un embarazo no previsto an unplanned pregnancy; no teníamos previsto nada para eso we had not made any allowance for that
3 (establecer) to provide for; establish
la ley prevé que ... the law provides o stipulates that ...
Verb Conjugations for prever
Gerund: previendo
Participle: previsto
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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