1. (earlier) 
a. anterior 
Please disregard my previous comment.Por favor no tomen en cuenta mi comentario anterior.
b. previo 
This candidate has previous experience in sales, which is perfect.Este candidato tiene experiencia previa en las ventas, lo cual es perfecto.
2. (colloquial) (hasty) 
It was a bit previous to think you'd already got the job.Fue precipitado pensar que ya tenías el trabajo.
1. (general) 
a. previo(a), anterior 
the previous dayel día anterior
previous engagementcompromiso previo
2. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
previous convictionsantecedentes penales
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
previous tocon anterioridad a
previous [ˈpriːvɪəs]
1 (former, earlier) [+night, day, year, page] anterior; [+experience] previo
he has no previous convictions/a string of previous convictions no previous experience necessary the events of the previous night have you made any previous applications? she has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage it was a surprisingly dry day after the rain of the previous week more than a quarter of companies had cut their travel budgets in the previous six months she believed she had been a dancer in a previous life sb's previous [best] she beat her previous best by a clear second Prost's lap was a clear second faster than his previous best he added an incredible 32 lengths to his previous best the previous [day]/[year] I'd received a very similar letter the previous day the previous year the club had lost £332,000
we met by previous arrangement nos reunimos acordando una cita previa or mediante cita previa
I have a previous engagement tengo un compromiso previo
in a previous incarnation or life en una vida anterior
on previous occasions en ocasiones anteriores
I'd had a nasty experience with a sales rep on a previous occasion the competition will run throughout August rather than June, as was the case on previous occasions
the car has had two previous owners el coche ha pasado por dos manos
in previous years los años anteriores
2 (hasty) prematuro
this seems somewhat previous esto parece algo prematuro; you were a bit previous in inviting him te has precipitado un poco invitándole
previous to: in the five years previous to 1992 durante los cinco años anteriores a 1992; previous to that she had worked in London antes de eso había trabajado en Londres
previous to May's elections, Burma had not allowed foreign journalists into the country previous to [doing] sth what kind of jobs were you in previous to coming here? previous to his leaving we ...
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