Prevenir in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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transitive verb
1. to prevent (evitar)
  • más vale prevenir que curar (Prov) prevention is better than cure
2. to warn (avisar)
  • te prevengo de que la carretera es muy mala be warned that the road is very bad
3. to foresee, to anticipate (prever)
4. (predisponer)
  • prevenir a alguien contra algo/alguien to prejudice somebody against something/somebody
pronominal verb
1. to take precautions (tomar precauciones)
  • prevenirse contra algo to take precautions against something
transitive verb
1 (evitar) to prevent; (prever) to foresee; anticipate
hay accidentes que no se pueden prevenir some accidents cannot be prevented
más vale prevenir que curar prevention is better than cure; better safe than sorry
más vale prevenir que lamentar
2 (advertir) to warn
prevenir a algn to warn sb; put sb on his guard;contra, de against, about; pudieron prevenirle a tiempo they were able to warn him in time
3 (predisponer) to prejudice; bias;a favor de in favour of;en contra de against;
4 (preparar) to prepare; get ready;para for
5 (proveer)
prevenir a algn de algo to provide sb with sth
pronominal verb
1 (prepararse) to get ready; prepare
prevenirse para un viaje to get ready for a trip; prevenirse contra algo to take precautions against sth; prepare for sth
2 (proveerse)
prevenirse de ropa adecuada to provide o.s. with suitable clothing
prevenirse en contra de algn to set o.s. against sb
Verb Conjugations for prevenir
Gerund: previniendo
Participle: prevenido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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