"prevenir" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to prevent (evitar)
  • más vale prevenir que curar (Prov) -> prevention is better than cure
2. to warn (avisar)
  • te prevengo de que la carretera es muy mala -> be warned that the road is very bad
3. to foresee, to anticipate (prever)
4. (predisponer)
  • prevenir a alguien contra algo/alguien -> to prejudice somebody against something/somebody
pronomial verb
1. to take precautions (tomar precauciones)
  • prevenirse contra algo -> to take precautions against something

prevenir [pray-vay-neer’]
article & verb transitive
1. To prepare (disponer), to arrange beforehand.
2. To foresee (preveer), to foreknow.
3. To prevent or anticipate, to forestall (anticipar).
4. To advise, to caution, to give notice.
5. To prevent (impedir), to impede, to hinder.
6. To prevent, to preoccupy.
7. To ingratiate oneself.
8. To come upon, to surprise. (Academy)
  • Prevenir a uno de algo -> to provide somebody with something
  • Prevenir a uno -> to warn somebody
  • Más vale prevenir que curar -> prevention is better than cure
verb reflexive
9. To be prepared; to be predisposed (disponerse); to guard or be in a state of defence.
(Yo prevengo, yo prevenga, previene, from Prevenir. V. VENIR.

1 (evitar) to prevent; (prever) to foresee; anticipate
hay accidentes que no se pueden prevenir some accidents cannot be prevented
más vale prevenir que curar prevention is better than cure; better safe than sorry
más vale prevenir que lamentar
2 (advertir) to warn
prevenir a algn to warn sb; put sb on his guard;contra, de against, about; pudieron prevenirle a tiempo they were able to warn him in time
3 (predisponer) to prejudice; bias;a favor de in favour of;en contra de against;
4 (preparar) to prepare; get ready;para for
5 (proveer)
prevenir a algn de algo to provide sb with sth
1 (prepararse) to get ready; prepare
prevenirse para un viaje to get ready for a trip; prevenirse contra algo to take precautions against sth; prepare for sth
2 (proveerse)
prevenirse de ropa adecuada to provide o.s. with suitable clothing
prevenirse en contra de algn to set o.s. against sb

Verb Conjugations for "prevenir" (go to to prevent)


yo prevengo previne prevenía prevendría prevendré
previenes previniste prevenías prevendrías prevendrás
él/ella/Ud. previene previno prevenía prevendría prevendrá
nosotros prevenimos previnimos preveníamos prevendríamos prevendremos
vosotros prevenís previnisteis preveníais prevendríais prevendréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. previenen previnieron prevenían prevendrían prevendrán
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