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1. bonito(a) (person, thing) , lindo(a) (Am)
  • it's not a pretty sight es un espectáculo lamentable
  • to cost a pretty penny (familiar) costar un riñón
2. bastante (fairly)
  • they're pretty much the same son poco más o menos lo mismo
3. (familiar)
  • to be sitting pretty encontrarse en una situación ventajosa
pretty [ˈprɪtɪ]
prettier (comparative)prettiest (superlative)
1 (attractive) [+dress, object, baby] bonito; mono (informal); lindo; (LAm) [+girl] bonito; guapo; lindo; (LAm) [+name, smile] bonito; lindo; (LAm)
what a pretty hat! ¡qué sombrero más bonito!; ¡qué sombrero más mono! (informal); ¡qué monada de sombrero! (informal)
a pretty girl she proved that she was more than just a pretty [face] clever men soon get tired of someone who's just a pretty face
I'm not just a pretty face you know para que te enteres, no soy tonta
it'll cost you a pretty penny te va a costar un ojo de la cara or un dineral
it was not a pretty sight no era nada agradable de ver
she was as pretty as a picture era preciosa
the garden was as pretty as a picture el jardín era de foto
2 (large) [+sum] bonito (informal); importante
3 bueno
a pretty mess you've got us into! ¡en vaya or menudo or buen lío nos has metido! (informal)
he got pretty cross se enfadó bastante; I have a pretty fair or good idea who did it estoy casi seguro de quién lo hizo; it sounds pretty far-fetched to me me parece bastante inverosímil; she got pretty good marks sacó unas notas bastante buenas
pretty damn or damned quick bien pronto
he's pretty damn stupid es bien estúpido
it's pretty much the same es mas o menos igual; es prácticamente lo mismo
he goes there pretty nearly every day va allí casi or prácticamente todos los días
pretty well
I'm pretty well finished ya casi he terminado; that's pretty well everything eso es todo más o menos
(as excl)
gee up, my pretty! (to horse) ¡arre, caballito!; I'll get you, my pretty! (threatening) ¡de mí no te escapas, preciosa or bonita!
Show me ze vay to ze morgue, my pretty!
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