preso, -a
1. imprisoned
masculine or feminine noun
2. prisoner
  • preso, -a político -> political prisoner
  • preso, -a preventivo -> remand prisoner

preso [pray’-so, sah]
past participle
1. Irregular of PRENDER.
2. Taken.
  • Estar preso de pánico -> to be panic-stricken

presoa presa
llevar preso a algn to take sb prisoner; estuvo preso durante tres años he was in prison for three years; la cárcel donde estuvo preso the prison where he served his sentence; estar preso del pánico to be panic-stricken
preso por mil, preso por mil quinientos (España) in for a penny, in for a pound
(prisionero) prisoner
preso/a común ordinary prisoner
preso/a de conciencia prisoner of conscience
preso/a de confianza trusty
preso/a político/a political prisoner
preso/a preventivo/a remand prisoner

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