1. (de nación) 
a. president 
2. (de asamblea, jurado) 
a. chairman, chairwoman 
3. (de empresa) 
a. chairman, chairwoman 
b. president (United States) 
presidente (del Gobierno)prime minister
presidentea presidenta
presidente (sustantivo:femenino) a_veces
1 (Política) (Com) [de país, asociación] president; [de comité, reunión] chair; chairperson; chairman/chairwoman; (España) (Política) (also Presidente del Gobierno) prime minister; [de la cámara] speaker
candidato a presidente (Política) presidential candidate; es candidato a presidente de Cruz Roja/del Real Madrid he is a candidate for the presidency of the Red Cross/he is a candidate to be chairman of the board of Real Madrid
presidente/a de honor honorary president
presidente/a vitalicio/a president for life
2 (Jur) (magistrado) presiding magistrate; (juez) presiding judge
3 (Latinoamérica) (alcalde) mayor
The head of the Spanish government, or Presidente del Gobierno, is elected not just by the winning party but by the entire Congreso de los Diputados following a general election. The Presidente is appointed for a four-year term and called upon by the King to form a cabinet. As in Britain, he has the power to call an early election, and can be forced to do so by a censure motion in the Congreso.
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