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1. presidente(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (of country, company); rector(ora) (m.f) (of university) (Estados Unidos)
president [ˈprezɪdənt]
[of country, company, organization] presidenteapresidenta (m) (f);a presidenta
/the French president/ arrived in the United States this week the White House says the president would veto the bill he was running for president in 1960 research and marketing operations will be Mr. Furlaud's job as president of the new company Alexandre de Merode, the president of the medical commission the former President of the Royal Academy
(US) (Univ) rectorarectora (m) (f);a rectora
she was given a warm welcome by the president of Harvard University
president-elect presidenteapresidenta (m) (f) electoaelecta;a presidenta a electa
the President-elect of Colombia was asked whether the election campaign had been marred by continued violence President-elect Walesa already has an embryonic government crisis on his hands
President's list (n) (US) (Univ) lista (f) de honor académica
note See culture box in entry dean.
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