1. (jam) 
a. la confitura f, mermelada (F) 
2. (in hunting) 
a. el coto de caza (M) 
3. (area of dominance) 
a. el territorio (M) 
engineering is no longer a male preservela ingeniería ya no es un reducto masculino
transitive verb
4. (maintain) 
a. conservar, mantener 
5. (leather, wood) 
a. conservar 
6. (fruit) 
a. confitar, poner en conserva 
7. (protect) 
a. conservar, proteger 
saints preserve us!¡que Dios nos proteja or ampare!
preserve [prɪˈzɜːv]
transitive verb
1 (keep in existence) [+endangered species, jobs, language] proteger; preservar; [+customs, silence, reputation] conservar; mantener; [+sense of humour, memory] conservar
we need to preserve the forest well designed new forests can help to preserve endangered species sensible forestry management can help to preserve endangered species pay freezes have been proposed to preserve jobs he spoke of the need to preserve the integrity of Arab territory the nation state has been a great success in preserving the identity of the British, the French and the Russians it was important to preserve the unity of the country
we will do everything to preserve (the) peace haremos todo lo posible por mantener la paz
the meeting will be about squeezing in more students while preserving standards they hope to transform the country into a Western-style democracy while still preserving Hungarian traditions people who want to keep the outside world at bay in order to preserve a traditional way of life his efforts to preserve a language that only a few people still spoke I stood there, clad only in a towel, determined to preserve my dignity he is worried about preserving his image with the electorate I just wanted something to preserve the memory of that perfect day
as a doctor, it was my duty to preserve life como médico, era mi deber salvar vidas
the defining of a doctor's role as being to preserv should one always try to preserve life or are there some circumstances...? in administering potassium chloride the doctor was neither preserving life not relieving suffering. All that he was doing was killing his patient.
to preserve sb's anonymity mantener a algn en el anonimato
Monsieur X is keen to preserve his anonymity the author has preserved the anonymity of those who appear in the book
2 (keep from decay) [+object, environment, meat] conservar
you will preserve your eyesight if you don't read by candlelight the ice contained within it a body preserved intact from the climate of the ice age
perfectly preserved medieval houses casas (f) medievales en perfecto estado
conservation is an issue which gets a lot of attention these days - whether /it means preserving old buildings/, or protecting the environment preserve this solid wood worktop by oiling it three or four times a year a new guide to greener tourism to help preserve the environment a 500-page blueprint for preserving the environment
to preserve one's looks conservar el atractivo
you're never too young to start worrying about preserving your looks
to preserve the status quo mantener el statu quo
an effective deterrent to the military men trying to preserve the status quo by force deep freezing is the simplest natural way of preserving food
the body was preserved in ice el cuerpo se conservaba en hielo
the hand was preserved in ice and later sewn back on insects preserved in amber
3 especially (Britain) (Cookery) (bottle, pickle etc) [+fruit] hacer conservas de; [+meat, fish] conservar
peppers and chillies may be preserved in oil los pimientos y los chiles se pueden conservar en aceite
salt preserves meat one of my favourite weekend activities is preserving fruit, either as jams or as rumtopfs for Christmas tuna steaks preserved in [brine]
to preserve sth in salt conservar algo en sal
fish preserved [in] salt before refrigeration fish was often preserved in barrels of salt lemons or limes preserved in salt are a north African speciality
4 (protect) (gen) proteger
to preserve sth from/against sth proteger algo de algo; paint the metal to preserve it from corrosion pinte el metal para protegerlo de la corrosión
a paint spray would preserve it from corrosion he wanted to preserve democracy against dictatorship they believed that fire preserved them from disease he looked for tracks in the ground that had been preserved from the wind they wanted to preserve the children from the suffocating atmosphere of an unhealthy world a once prosperous city which had been preserved from development in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Haitian army is preserving the government against takeover by a former leader use of this cream will preserve your skin against the ageing process
(in prayers, wishes)
may God preserve you que Dios os ampare; God or Heaven or saints preserve us! ¡que Dios nos ampare!; heaven preserve us from little boys que Dios nos proteja de los niños
his delinquent brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, and even, God preserve us, grandchildren
5 (for private hunting, fishing) [+game] proteger
1 (Cookery) (singular) (jam) mermelada (f); confitura (f); (bottled fruit, chutney) conserva (f)
damson preserve mermelada (f) or confitura (f) de ciruela damascena
spread the base of the pastry thinly with strawberry preserve pudding was a preserve of peaches and plums she makes a preserve using green tomatoes
2 (Cookery) preserves conservas (f)
she decided to make peach preserves for Christmas gifts recipes for cakes, preserves and sauces
3 (restricted area) (Hunting) coto (m); vedado (m); (for wildlife) reserva (f)
except for such preserves, the mountains have offered the elk their safest habitat the eight preserves are known as the Butte Valley and Phacelia wildflower sanctuaries
dominio (m)
banking has remained almost exclusively a male preserve la banca sigue siendo casi exclusivamente del dominio masculino
foreign policy is largely the preserve of the president
they are poaching on my preserve están invadiendo mi terreno
the world of fine wines is no longer the exclusive preserve of the privileged few with the menfolk away at war, women got their first crack at the male preserves of employment and sport
preserve represents different conjugations of the verb preservar - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. (to guard) 
a. to preserve 
Los ancianos pueden preservar su memoria haciendo ciertos ejercicios mentales.Old people can preserve their memory by doing certain mental exercises.
b. to protect 
Preserva la comida del calor guardándola lejos del radiador.Protect the food against the heat by keeping it away from the heater.
2. (to preserve) (Latin America) 
a. to maintain 
No te lo gastes todo y preserva una parte de tus ahorros.Don't spend everything at once and maintain some of your savings.
reflexive verb
3. (to shelter from) 
a. to protect oneself from 
Mis vecinos se preservaron del humo caminando a gatas.My neighbors protected themselves from the smoke crawling on all fours.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to protect 
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
preservarse deto protect oneself o shelter from
transitive verb
1 (proteger) to protect; preserve;contra against;de from;
2 (Latinoamérica) (conservar) to maintain; preserve
Verb Conjugations for preservar
Gerund: preservando
Participle: preservado
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