1. (state of being present) 
It was a secret meeting, so the presence of the journalists surprised the politicians.Era un encuentro secreto, así que la presencia de los periodistas sorprendió a los políticos.
2. (existence) 
The presence of scar tissue in muscles creates a risk of reinjury.La presencia de tejido cicatricial en los músculos indica mayor riesgo de volver a lesionarse.
3. (personality) 
His sole presence filled the stage, even without saying anything.Su sola presencia llenaba el escenario, aun sin decir nada.
4. (spirit) 
I felt a presence touching my shoulder, but I was alone at home.Noté que una presencia me tocaba el hombro, pero estaba sola en casa.
1. (general) 
a. la presencia (F) 
in the presence ofen presencia de
to have presencetener mucha presencia
she made her presence felthizo sentir su presencia
presence of mindpresencia de ánimo
presence [ˈprezns]
1 [of person] (in place) presencia (f); (at function) asistencia (f);at a
he was aware of her presence era consciente de su presencia
they argued that his presence in the village could only stir up trouble the continued presence of troops in the region is hindering peace efforts
your presence is requested se ruega su asistencia
to grace or honour sb with one's presence (also iro) honrar a algn con su presencia
Her Majesty later honoured the Headmaster with her presence at lunch perhaps you could grace us with your presence in class tomorrow?
in sb's presence en presencia de algn; delante de algn
he said it in the presence of witnesses lo dijo en presencia de or delante de testigos
I don't talk about it in his presence she had not dared open her mouth in his presence the only question he asked, at least in my presence, was about Tony no one insults my mother in my presence he usually felt uncomfortable in her presence
I felt comfortable in her presence me sentía cómodo en su presencia or con ella
I knew at once that I was in the presence of a great man the talks took place in the presence of a diplomatic observer Haldane repeated his statement in the presence of the chairman to be shown [into] the presence of sb from the moment I was shown into the presence of this formidable actress I realised that ... I was assisted downstairs and ushered into the presence of two physicians
to make one's presence felt hacerse notar or sentir
she had to fight hard to make her presence felt in a male-dominated prefession he certainly made his presence felt! despite the collapse of communism, President Castro still manages to make his presence felt rather than politely lobbying politicians, Gay Dignity will be making its presence felt through demonstrations the physical presence of the Church in working class areas remains weak the need for closeness, intimacy, and the physical presence of another person
2 (Mil) (Police) presencia (f)
he said they intended to maintain a presence in the Gulf the navy had a strong presence along the east coast the physical presence of police on the streets promoted public safety they don't want just money - they're demanding a physical presence in the Gulf
military presence presencia (f) militar
soon there would be no military presence east of Suez the Philippine government wants the US to maintain a military presence in Southeast Asia keeping a naval presence in the Mediterranean
there was a massive police presence at the match hubo una importante presencia policial en el partido
A 3,400-strong police presence prevented a confrontation between left-wing extremists and gangs of skinheads
3 (bearing, personality) presencia (f)
he had tremendous physical presence tenía mucha presencia
they do not seem to have the vast, authoritative presence of those great writers she certainly had presence he had a natural quality, plus an imposing physical presence - he was graceful presencia $ en el escenario she is a unique performer with a mesmerising stage presence Hendrix's stage presence appealed to thousands of teenage rebels
4 [of thing, substance] presencia (f)
the presence of a carcinogen in the water la presencia de un carcinógeno en el agua
the somewhat acid flavour is caused by the presence of lactic acid although the fluid presents no symptoms to the patient, its presence can be detected by a test
metal rusts in the presence of oxygen el metal se oxida en presencia de oxígeno
tuberculosis sometimes flares up in the presence of HIV infection the body's output of certain enzymes changes in the presence of certain diseases she felt calm in the presence of death it is said that women feel more deeply than men in the presence of violence
presence of mind presencia (f) de ánimo
to have the presence of mind to do sth tener la suficiente presencia de ánimo como para hacer algo; tener la presencia de ánimo de hacer algo
he had the presence of mind to put his emergency oxygen tube in his mouth at the same time, John, with great presence of mind, grabbed the blazing canister and hurled it through the entrance the driver showed great presence of mind in avoiding a serious accident
6 (ghostly) presencia (f)
she could sense a ghostly presence in the house there was another presence in the room with me a mysterious winged presence, felt rather than seen they neared the scene of the slaughter and began to sense /the ghostly presence of the dead/ the forest was dark and silent, haunted by shadows and unseen presences
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