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Looking for the adjective preparatorio instead?
feminine noun
1. (education) (Central America) (Mexico) 
a. high school 
Dejé la preparatoria y empecé a trabajar cuando tenía dieciséis años.I quit high school and began working when I was sixteen.
b. secondary school 
Comencé a estudiar francés cuando iba a la preparatoria.I began studying French when I was in secondary school.
c. college (United Kingdom) 
Ya terminas la preparatoria. ¿Qué vas a estudiar en la universidad?You're finishing college soon. What are you going to study at university?
1. (general) 
a. ≃ Sixth Form studies () 
b. ≃ Senior High School studies (United States) 
c. three-year course of studies for students aged 14-17 
(Centroamérica) (México) (colegio) secondary school; high school; (EEUU)
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