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feminine noun
1. press (periódicos, periodistas)
  • compro la prensa todos los días I buy the newspapers every day
  • tener buena/mala prensa (figurative) to have a good/bad press
  • la prensa amarilla the gutter press, the tabloids
  • prensa del corazón gossip magazines
  • la prensa escrita the press
2. printing press (imprenta)
  • entrar en prensa to go to press
3. press (máquina)
1 (publicaciones)
la prensa the press; the (news)papers; leer la prensa to read the (news)papers; salir en la prensa to appear in the press o (news)papers
/He dejao también de salir en prensa/, no tenía muchas noticias..Y bueno, pues.. nada, voy a empezar a preparar un disquito
tener mala prensa to have o get a bad press
la prensa amarilla the gutter press
prensa del corazón celebrity and gossip magazines
; (p)
The prensa del corazón is the generic term given in Spain to weekly or fortnightly magazines specializing in society gossip and the social lives of the rich and famous. The pioneer was ¡Hola, which first appeared in 1944 - Hello magazine is the English-language version - while other popular titles include Pronto, Lecturas, Semana and Diez Minutos. In recent years TV stations have followed their lead with seemingly more and more celebrity and gossip programmes (programas del corazón) appearing all the time.
2 (máquina) (Mecánica) (Dep) press; (Tipografía) printing press; [de raqueta] press
aprobar un libro para la prensa to pass a book for the printers; dar algo a la prensa to send sth to the printers; entrar en prensa to go to press; estar en prensa to be at the printers
libros en prensa forthcoming titles
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