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"prender" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to arrest, to apprehend (arrestar)
2. to fasten (sujetar)
3. to light (encender) (luz, interruptor) (especially Am)
  • prender fuego a algo -> to set fire to something, to set something on fire
4. to grip (agarrar)
intransitive verb
5. to catch (fire) (arder)
6. to take root (planta)
7. to spread (opinión)
  • una idea que ha prendido entre el público -> an idea that has caught on among the public
pronomial verb
1. to catch fire (arder)

prender [pren-derr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To seize, to grasp, to catch (persona), to pin.
2. To imprison.
3. (coll.) To detain for the purpose of entertaining in a friendly manner.
4. To take root (plantas).
5. To cover: applied to the act of brutish procreation.
6. To catch or take fire (fuego, horno).
7. To adorn, to embellish (mujeres).
verb neuter
8. To catch, to stick (engancharse). (n)
9. To catch (fuego), to take (inyección); to take, to take root (planta). (n)

1 [+persona] (capturar) to catch; capture; (detener) to arrest
2 (Cos) (sujetar) to fasten; (con alfiler) to pin; attach;en to;
prender el pelo con horquillas to pin one's hair with grips
3 (atar) to tie; do up
4 especialmente (Latinoamérica) [+fuego, horno, vela, cigarrillo] to light; [+cerilla] to strike; [+luz, TV] to switch on; [+cuarto] to light up
1 [+fuego] to catch
sus ideas prendieron fácilmente en la juventud his ideas soon caught on with the young
2 (engancharse) to catch; stick
el ancla prendió en el fondo the anchor buried itself in the seabed
3 [+planta] to take; take root
4 [+vacuna] to take
1 (encenderse) to catch fire
2 [+mujer] to dress up
3 (Caribe) (emborracharse) to get drunk

Verb Conjugations for "prender" (go to to turn on)


yo prendo prendí prendía prendería prenderé
prendes prendiste prendías prenderías prenderás
él/ella/Ud. prende prendió prendía prendería prenderá
nosotros prendemos prendimos prendíamos prenderíamos prenderemos
vosotros prendéis prendisteis prendíais prenderíais prenderéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. prenden prendieron prendían prenderían prenderán
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