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feminine noun
1. garment, article of clothing (de vestir)
  • prenda interior undergarment
  • prenda íntima undergarment, piece of underwear
2. pledge (garantía)
  • dejar algo en prenda to leave something as a pledge
3. forfeit (en juego)
4. talent, gift (virtud)
5. darling, treasure (apelativo cariñoso)
6. (expresiones) (informal)
  • no me duelen prendas reconocer que estaba equivocado I don't mind admitting I was wrong
  • no soltar prenda (informal) not to say a word
1 (also prenda de vestir) garment; article of clothing
prenda interior undergarment; piece of underwear
prendas interiores underwear
; (s)
prendas de cama bedclothes
prendas deportivas sportswear
; (s)
prendas de mesa table linen
; (s)
prendas de punto knitwear
; (s)
prendas de trabajo work clothes
2 (garantía) pledge
dejar algo en prenda (por dinero) to pawn sth; (como garantía) to leave sth as security; en o como prenda de algo as a token of sth
en/como prenda de amistad
no soltar prenda to give nothing away
no dolerle prendas a algn
a mí no me duelen prendas I don't mind saying nice things about others; it doesn't worry me that I'm not as good as others
al buen pagador no le duelen prendas a good payer is not afraid of giving guarantees
3 prendas (cualidades) talents; gifts
buenas prendas good qualities; de todas prendas first class; excellent
4 (juego) forfeit
pagar prenda to pay a forfeit
5 (en oración directa) darling
¡oye, prenda! hi, gorgeous! (familiar)
la prenda (S. Cone) one's sweetheart; one's lover
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