1. (best quality) 
The price is so high because this truly is a premium brand.El precio es tan alto porque verdaderamente es una marca de primera.
Our grocer only offers premium produce.Nuestro verdulero sólo ofrece frutas y verduras de alta calidad.
2. (higher than normal) 
a. elevado 
Because of its rarity, the jeweler sold the gem at a premium price.Por su rareza, el joyero vendió la gema por un precio elevado.
3. (insurance) 
a. la prima (F) 
The insurance company increased my monthy premium after my accident.La compañía de seguros me aumentó la prima mensual después de mi accidente.
4. (surcharge) 
The airline charged me a premium to upgrade my seat.La línea aérea me cobró un recargo para acceder a un asiento más cómodo.
5. (bonus) 
a. la prima (F) 
My boss gave me a wage premium this year for the holidays.Mi jefe me dio una prima salarial este año para las fiestas.
6. (grade of gasoline) 
a. la súper (F) 
At the gas station, I only fill my car with premium.En la gasolinera, sólo lleno mi carro de súper.
1. (finance) 
a. la prima (F) (for insurance) 
2. (additional sum) 
a. el recargo (M) 
to sell something at a premiumvender algo por encima de su valor
3. (finance) 
a. no direct translation 
premium bondbono numerado emitido por el Gobierno británico, cuyo comprador entra en un sorteo mensual de premios en metálico otorgados informáticamente al azar
4. (fuel) (United States) 
a. la gasolina súper (F) 
5. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to be at a premiumestar muy cotizado(a)
to put a premium on somethingconceder una importancia especial a algo
premium [ˈpriːmɪəm]
1 (Insurance) prima (f)
people in high-crime areas pay higher premiums my premium will increase next year because I've lost my no claims bonus it is too early to say whether insurance premiums will be affected Medicare is not entirely free - you must pay a monthly premium insurers may be forced to increase their premium rates
2 (surcharge) recargo (m)
callers are charged a premium of 48p a minute /NET is able to command a premium for its products/ of 20 percent or more above the market price short leases cannot be sold and command a premium of £40,000 a negotiated bonus or premium paid by a borrower to a lender in order to obtain a loan for nonpersonal purposes to [pay] a premium for sth you pay interest on the money borrowed plus a premium for investment
people will pay a premium for quality la gente está dispuesta a pagar más para adquirir calidad
even if customers want solutions, most are not willing to pay a premium for them
3 (bonus) prima (f)
Income support /claimants receive a family premium for a dependent child/ Income Support is paid as a system of personal allowances, with premiums for different circumstances they are offering him a 15 percent premium above the price he was receiving for his grains we pay our farmers an extra premium per ton for quality grains
4 (US) (gasoline) súper (f)
5 (in phrases)
to be at a premium (Comm) estar por encima de la par; (be scarce) estar muy solicitado
space is at a premium in our house en casa no nos sobra espacio
hotel rooms were at a premium due to the Olympics shares in Allied Breweries were at a premium yesterday time was at a premium if space is at a premium, choose adaptable furniture that won't fill the room with events moving so quickly in the region, good quality information is at a premium
to sell sth at a premium vender algo con prima
he eventually sold the shares back to the bank at a premium fertilizer is sold at a premium by government officials they generate capital gains by selling additional shares at a premium over book value because of the higher value and special productivity, prime state land has sold at a premium because the consumer wants unadulterated foods and I can sell my eggs at a premium
to put or place a premium on sth (value) valorar mucho algo; (make valuable) hacer que suba el valor de algo; (make important) hacer que se dé más importancia a algo
I put a high premium on privacy valoro mucho la intimidad; population pressure put land at a premium la presión demográfica hizo que subiera el valor de la tierra; the risk of disease puts a premium on hygiene el riesgo de enfermedad hace que se dé más importancia a la higiene
companies don't seem to place a high premium on protecting the environment I place a high premium on what someone is like as a person they put a high premium on prevention and primary care we put a very high premium on common sense the treacherous conditions put a premium on driving skills dread of venereal disease put a premium on virgin brides
1 (top quality) [+brand, product] de calidad superior; de primera calidad
premium cigars are made from the finest tobacco Remy Cointreau produces such premium brands as Remy Martin cognac, Cointreau and Galliano at the premium end of the market, business is booming this open-term type mortgage is allowed only on premium homes in excellent condition plain old ordinary ice cream and premium ice cream (with less air and more butterfat) sales are growing for premium wines premium crude oil sold as high as $35.10 a barrel Stella Artois, the best-selling premium lager in the UK
premium gasoline (US) (gasolina (f)) súper (f)
premium gasoline has an octane rating of 91% or more
2 (higher than normal)
premium price precio (m) con prima; precio (m) más elevado
hotels do have mini-bars, but you will pay premium prices he gets premium prices for his beef we wanted to establish a brand name that could command a premium price sliced white loaves are a rarity in Germany and are sold at a premium price Saddam Hussein has banned birth control, so condoms fetch a premium price
premium rate tarifa (f) de primas
callers are charged a premium rate of 48p a minute the loan will pay a premium interest rate, something above what the fund is currently earning you have to pay a premium rate of £35 if you take your driving test on a Saturday afternoon or a weekday evening they may have to pay a premium rate if borrowing 90 to 95 per cent of their mortgage the offer applies to all calls except premium rate services and those made via the operator
premium bond (n) (Britain) bono del estado que permite participar en una lotería nacional
most of us have Premium Bonds, whether it be hundreds or just a few tucked away Premium Bonds first went on sale back in November 1956
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