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transitive verb
1. (to request of information)
a. to ask
Por favor, pregunte a su hija si vendrá a la cena.Please, ask your daughter if she is coming for dinner.
intransitive verb
2. (to inquire)
a. to ask about
Si pregunta por el libro, dile que está en la biblioteca.If she asks about the book, tell her it's at the library.
b. to ask for
Alguien ha llamado preguntando por ti.Someone called asking for you.
reflexive verb
3. (to ask oneself)
a. to wonder
Me pregunto si me llamará pronto.I wonder if she will call me soon.
transitive verb
1. to ask
  • preguntar algo a alguien to ask somebody something
  • a mí no me lo preguntes don't ask me
  • si no es mucho preguntar, ¿cuántos años tiene? if you don't mind my asking, how old are you?
intransitive verb
2. to ask
  • preguntar por to ask about o after
  • preguntan por tí they'are asking for you
pronominal verb
1. to wonder
  • preguntarse si to wonder whether
transitive verb
to ask
preguntar algo a algn to ask sb sth; siempre me preguntas lo mismo you're always asking me the same question; le pregunté la hora I asked him the time; pregúntale cómo se llama ask her what her name is; pregúntale si quiere venir ask him if he wants to come; ask him whether he wants to come or not; le fue preguntada su edad he was asked his age
intransitive verb
to ask; inquire
preguntar por algn: si te preguntan por mí di que no he llegado if they ask about me, tell them I haven't arrived; cuando la vi ayer me preguntó por ti she asked after you when I saw her yesterday; hay alguien al teléfono que pregunta por el jefe there's someone on the phone asking for the boss; preguntar por la salud de algn to ask after sb's health
pronominal verb
preguntarse to wonder
me pregunto si vale la pena I wonder if it's worthwhile
Verb Conjugations for preguntar
Gerund: preguntando
Participle: preguntado
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