1. (with child) 
I'm pregnant with my third baby.Estoy embarazada de mi tercer bebé.
b. encinta 
She's pregnant, but she will continue to work.Está encinta, pero continuará trabajando.
c. preñada (animals) 
The cow is pregnant, but the test is negative.La vaca está preñada, pero la prueba ha salido negativa.
2. (meaningful) 
There was a pregnant pause before he said "okay."Hubo un silencio significante antes de que dijera "está bien".
1. (woman) 
a. embarazada 
2. (animal) 
a. preñada 
to be pregnantestar embarazada
she's three months pregnantestá (embarazada) de tres meses
3. (literary) 
a. no direct translation 
pregnant withpreñado(a) or cargado(a) de
a pregnant silenceun silencio significativo
pregnant [ˈpreɡnənt]
1 [+woman] embarazada
four out of five pregnant women suffer from anemia
to be pregnant estar embarazada
if you think you are pregnant see your doctor as soon as possible
to be six months pregnant estar embarazada de seis meses; to become or get pregnant (by sb) quedarse embarazada (de algn)
she had been trying to get pregnant for two years a woman who became pregnant while taking birth control pills not long afterwards I became pregnant again she became pregnant by her previous lover
Tina was pregnant with their first son Tina estaba embarazada de su primer hijo
I was pregnant with Tom when my father died just before she became pregnant with me, in 1946
[+animal] preñado
all pregnant mares should be vaccinated
2 elocuente; significativo
a pregnant pause una pausa elocuente or significativa
after a pregnant pause, David said: "is this true?" a pregnant [silence] there was a long, pregnant silence, which Mrs. Madrigal punctuated by reaching for the check
pregnant with sth cargado or preñado de algo
the music is pregnant with meaning a deceptive peace, pregnant with invisible threats She kept a silence which was pregnant with indications of how much more she could say her poems contain passages that are pregnant with insight the townsfolk objected to a move they considered pregnant with disaster
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