1. (exactness) 
This device is able to determine with great precision the exact speed with which a pitcher throws a fastball.Este aparato es capaz de determinar con gran precisión la velocidad exacta con la que un pitcher lanza una bola rápida.
The precision of these calculations is vital to the success of this military operation.La exactitud de estos cálculos es imprescindible para el éxito de esta operación militar.
2. (accurate) 
We wouldn't be able to perform ocular surgeries without this type of precision instrument.No podríamos realizar cirugías oculares sin este tipo de instrumento de precisión.
1. (general) 
a. la precisión (F) 
2. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
precision bombingbombardeo de precisión
precision instrumentinstrumento de precisión
precision [prɪˈsɪʒən]
(gen) precisión (f); [of calculations] exactitud (f)
precision-made [+product, instrument] hecho con precisión
All the conservatories are precision-made from hardwood grown on specially- managed plantations in Malaysia the Monotype system, with its precision-made key bars, die cases and justification wedges was the summit of nineteenth-century technology in its invention
precision bombing (n) bombardeo (m) de precisión
The general showed dramatic new video of precision bombing runs on Iraq's hardened aircraft shelters
precision engineering (n) ingeniería (f) de precisión
these companies are usually specialized, subcontracting precision engineering and similar tasks EXCALIBUR GROUP, the jewellery and precision engineering company
precision instrument (n) instrumento (m) de precisión


1. (general) 
a. accuracy, precision 
instrumento de precisiónprecision instrument
1 (exactitud) precision; accuracy; preciseness
instrumento de precisión precision instrument
hacer precisiones to clarify matters
3 (necesidad) need; necessity
tener precisión de algo to need sth; be in need of sth; verse en la precisión de hacer algo to be forced o obliged to do sth
4 (México) (urgencia) urgency
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