Praise in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. elogio (m) alabanza (f)
  • in praise of en alabanza de
  • to sing the praises of prodigar alabanzas a
  • I have nothing but praise for him no tengo más que elogios para él
transitive verb
2. elogiar, alabar
  • to praise God alabar a Dios
  • to praise somebody to the skies poner a alguien por las nubes
praise [preɪz]
1 (approval, acclaim) elogios (m); alabanzas (f)
I have nothing but praise for her merece todos mis elogios or alabanzas
he is not much given to praise she was singled out for special praise Kate's reports earned her worldwide praise for her courage and tenacity [all] praise to him for speaking out!
it's beyond praise está por encima de todo elogio
Sgt Davison's heroism was beyond praise the vital contribution of the chorus is beyond praise he was [full of] praise for their efforts
he is full of praise for the medical staff se deshace en elogios para con el personal médico
she is full of praise for the way in which her company responded to her needs all the ladies are full of praise for the staff and service they received the town is full of praise for the police to [give] praise where praise is due
let's give praise where praise is due elogiemos a quienes se lo merecen
she was a stern critic, but a fair one, and she gave praise where praise was due don't crawl or flatter in order to advance your career, but /do be generous enough to give praise where it's due/ I believe in praise where praise is due regardless of one's political allegiance
to heap praise on sb colmar a algn de alabanzas
Japanese car bosses have heaped praise on British workers who accelerated their factory into profit a year early high praise indeed' = un verdadero elogio. Algn comenta sobre el elogio que ha hecho algn. Cuando algo/algn recibe high praise' = efusivos elogios'.
that is high praise indeed eso sí que es un elogio de verdad
he deserves the [highest] praise for his bravery prototypes of the car have won high praise from reviewers this wine was described as "the Petrus of the Midi" - high praise indeed
he spoke in praise of their achievements elogió sus logros
to damn sth with faint praise some people have attempted to damn Gardner with faint praise - they point out that all he is saying is common sense the belief that the US had signalled a policy shift by damning with faint praise the mediation efforts
to be loud in praise of or in one's praises of sth deshacerse en elogios para con algo
he had been loud in condemnation of totalitarianism in El Salvador, the Philippines and South Africa, loud in praise of it in Cuba, Ethiopia and the Soviet Union he seemed quite converted in his views of the British Army and was loud in its praises
2 (Rel) alabanza (f)
a hymn of praise un himno de alabanza
praise be to God! ¡alabado sea Dios!
let us give praise (un)to the Lord alabemos al Señor
Hindus were singing hymns [in] praise of the god Rama I ran to the station and - praise be! - the train was still there
transitive verb
1 (applaud) alabar; elogiar
she had a stern father who never praised her many people praised him for taking a strong stand the film was widely praised by the critics the American president praised Turkey for its courage he praised the work of the UN weapons inspectors /the Home Secretary praised the efforts of the emergency services/ in dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday's storm Judge Laughland praised the courage of the young constable
to praise the virtues of sth alabar or elogiar las virtudes de algo
not very long ago, a reader wrote praising the virtues of Alba roses and recommending more people to grow them
to praise sb to the skies poner a algn por las nubes or los cielos
when you first met me I could do no wrong - you were praising me to the skies
2 (Rel) alabar
to praise God or the Lord alabar a Dios or al Señor
praise God the Lord! most husbands are more discreet than that, praise God a few arrests - praise the Lord and - praise the Lord - they never returned
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Gerund: alabando
Participle: alabado
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