Usage note
This word may also be spelled "practise" when it is a verb.
transitive verb
1. (to rehearse) 
a. practicar 
She practices the violin every day.Ella practica el violín todos los días.
b. ensayar 
I practiced my monologue for the audition last night.Anoche ensayé mi monólogo para la prueba.
2. (religious) 
a. practicar 
They practice their religion devotedly.Practican su religión devotamente.
3. (to pursue) 
a. ejercer 
My father has practiced law all his life.Mi papá ha ejercido como abogado toda su vida.
intransitive verb
4. (to rehearse) 
a. practicar 
The teacher has asked us to practice after school.El maestro nos ha pedido practicar después del colegio.
5. (to engage in a profession) 
a. ejercer 
He studied medicine but he doesn't practice.Estudió medicina pero no ejerce.
6. (repetition) 
You need more practice before Saturday's game.Necesitas más práctica antes del partido del sábado.
b. el ensayo (M) (music) 
I have band practice on Thursday.Tengo ensayo de la banda este jueves.
c. el entrenamiento (M) (sports) 
He has football practice every Friday.Tiene entrenamiento de fútbol todos los viernes.
7. (custom) 
This ritual is part of an ancient pagan practice.Este ritual es parte de una antigua práctica pagana.
8. (application) 
The theory is easy. Putting it into practice is another matter.La teoría es sencilla. Es otra cosa llevarla a la práctica.
9. (place of business) 
a. la consulta (F) (medicine) 
My father is a pediatrician with his own practice.Mi padre es pediatra y tiene su propia consulta.
b. el consultorio (M) (medicine) 
The practice is comprised of two doctors and three nurses.El consultorio se comprende de dos doctores y tres enfermeras.
c. el bufete (M) (legal) 
I expect to be a partner in the practice by this time next year.A esta hora el año que viene, espero ser un socio en el bufete.
transitive verb
1. (musical instrument, language) 
a. practicar 
2. (medicine, law) 
a. ejercer 
3. (religion, custom) 
a. practicar 
to practice what one preachespredicar con el ejemplo
intransitive verb
4. (musician) 
a. practicar 
5. (sportsperson) 
a. entrenar 
6. (doctor, lawyer) 
a. ejercer 
practice [ˈpræktɪs]
1 (custom, tradition) costumbre (f); práctica (f); (procedure) práctica (f)
ancient pagan practices las antiguas costumbres or prácticas paganas
the practice of giving a dowry old practices such as the seclusion of women, arranged marriages, concubinage most European rules on citizenship reflect ancient practices and old ties the ancient Japanese practice of binding the feet from birth we must respect the practices of cultures different from our own
the practice of sending young offenders to prison la práctica de enviar a prisión a los menores que han cometido un delito; it is not our practice to do that no tenemos por norma hacer eso; unfair trade practices prácticas (f) de comercio desleales
manufacturers say Europe's /unfair trade practices/ are to blame some firms have reached agreements to cut workers' pay below the level set in their contract, a practice that is illegal in Germany
it is bad practice no es una práctica recomendable
these mistakes do not point to bad practice in general estos errores no apuntan a deficiencias en los métodos que se practican
the report has identified areas of bad practice in hospitals what is bad practice in theatre often turns out to be good practice in opera
it is common practice among modern companies to hire all their office equipment entre las empresas modernas es una práctica muy extendida alquilar todo su material y mobiliario de oficina
it is [common] practice for architects to work with scale models the use of public relations companies is becoming increasingly common practice among businessmen this is still not a common practice this is still a common practice in rural areas it used to be common practice to take new-born babies away from their mothers perhaps it is common practice in your country, but it is certainly not so in ours it has become common practice to define skilled labour as the number of professional or technical workers a common practice among Tibetans was to choose a doctor by consulting a sorcerer
it is good practice to interview several candidates before choosing one es una práctica recomendable entrevistar a varios aspirantes antes de decidirse por uno
in his report he identifies many examples of good practice and devoted work by hospital staff
to make a practice of doing sth acostumbrar a hacer algo
he makes a practice of encouraging all of his staff to think of new ideas Gordon Brown has demanded a public inquiry into bank practices as a [matter] of practice telephones are tapped as a matter of practice she opened his mail as a matter of practice few states bar blind people from juries as a matter of practice
it is normal or standard practice for newspapers not to disclose such details los periódicos tienen por norma no revelar ese tipo de detalles
this has been normal practice in Holland for ten years it is normal practice not to reveal details of a patient's condition
this procedure has become standard practice in most hospitals en la mayoría de los hospitales este procedimiento se ha convertido en norma
the transcript is full of codewords, which is standard practice in any army Amnesty International has identified nineteen detention centres where interrogation under torture is standard practice
working: working practices
2 (experience, drilling) práctica (f)
I need more practice (practical experience) necesito más práctica; (to practise more) necesito practicar más; it takes years of practice requiere años de práctica; he does six hours' piano practice a day practica el piano seis horas al día
have you done your practice today?
I haven't got a job yet but the interviews are good practice aún no tengo trabajo pero las entrevistas me sirven de práctica
the hard practice necessary to develop from a learner to an accomplished musician
skating's just a matter of practice aprender a patinar es solo cuestión de práctica
when it comes to washing up I've had as much practice as anybody I felt I hadn't had enough practice to learn [by] practice children learn by practice, not by precept this is something to be learned by practice, rather than by reading about it
to be out of practice (at sport) no estar en forma
I'd rather not be in the shooting team; I'm out of practice the pianist was a bit out of practice the pilots are very out of practice because not much flying has been going on "how's your German?" -"not bad, but I'm out of practice" he was out of practice in talking to these people
it gets easier with practice resulta más fácil con la práctica
in time and with practice it becomes less of an effort with practice you will be able to relax easily any time you want
practice makes perfect la práctica hace al maestro
keep at it; practice makes perfect - you'll succeed, I know you will
3 (Dep) (training session) sesión (f) de entrenamiento; entrenamiento (m)
he crashed during practice the coach ended the day's practice early the defending world racing champion recorded the fastest time in a final practice today she was taking her daughter to basketball practice
4 (rehearsal) ensayo (m)
we've got a practice on Friday and the concert is on Saturday
choir practice ensayo (m) de coro
5 (reality) práctica (f)
we must combine theory with practice tenemos que combinar la teoría con la práctica
in practice en la práctica
it looks good on paper but how will it work in practice? in practice, things haven't worked out that way in practice, he had little influence over the others what it means in practice is that he does twice the work for half the money
to put sth into practice poner algo en práctica
now that he is back, the prime minister has another chance to put his ideas into practice we weren't allowed to put into practice in our daily lives the teachings we received I'm not sure how effective these methods will be when put into practice he had yet to attempt to put principles into practice
6 (exercise) [of profession] ejercicio (m)
I eventually realized I had to change my attitude toward medical practice even the practice of law has to change with the times
the practice of medicine el ejercicio de la medicina
to [be] in practice
to be in practice (as a doctor/lawyer) ejercer (de médico/abogado)
he was in practice in Bilbao
he is no longer in practice ya no ejerce
to go into practice (Med) empezar a ejercer de médico
after a spell as an assistant with Lyons, Israel and Ellis, he set up in practice
to set up in practice (Med) poner consulta; (Jur) poner bufete
after a spell as an assistant with Lyons, Israel and Ellis, he set up in practice he's going into practice when he qualifies as the law stands at present, anyone can call themselves an acupuncturist or osteopath, without any training or qualifications, and set up in practice
to set up in practice as a doctor/solicitor establecerse de or como médico/abogado
[of religion] práctica (f)
a law guaranteeing the people /freedom of conscience and religious practice/ when the idea of a Christian church was conceived, the dominant form of religious practice was still pagan confusion about /the nature and practice of religion/ the successful practice of meditation access your subconscious computer through the practice of meditation
7 (premises, firm) (Jur) bufete (m); (Med) consultorio (m); consulta (f); (veterinary, dental) clínica (f)
the new doctor's practice was miles away from where I lived his practice is in the City he's a partner in a medical practice
a new doctor has just joined the practice acaba de llegar un médico nuevo al consultorio
the mixture of farm and domestic pet work that only exists in a country practice after fifteen years, Dr Campbell had a well-established practice he had a solid career in a country law practice her law practice is the most important thing in her life
transitive verb
intransitive verb
practice flight (n) vuelo (m) de entrenamiento
he crashed on a practice flight birds were congregating and making practice flights in preparation for their long journeys ahead
practice match (n) partido (m) de entrenamiento
after their customary fifteen-minute seven-a-side practice match, the game began he injured himself while bowling in a practice match
practice run (n) (Dep) carrera (f) de entrenamiento
Olympic skiers only get one practice run on a new course before the competition he clocked up more than 200 mph during a practice run for the Grand Prix you will definitely want to make practice runs with a healthy volunteer before trying it on the patient the wedding's on Friday but we're having a practice run with the vicar tomorrow
practice session (n) (Dep) sesión (f) de entrenamiento
he spun off during the opening practice session for tomorrow's Japanese Grand Prix the practice session was going well and Boris Becker was showing off his famous drive-volley
(Educ) (Mús) ensayo (m)
in practice sessions some children worked with less able peers and some with more advanced ones I had a practice session with my oboe teacher before the audition
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