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transitive verb
1. to practice (ejercitar) (idioma, profesión, religión) ; to play (deporte)
  • es creyente pero no practica su religión he's a believer, but he doesn't practice his religion
2. to carry out, to perform (realizar)
  • le practicaron la autopsia they carried out or performed an autopsy on him
  • tuvieron que practicar un hueco en la pared para poder salir they had to make a hole in the wall to get out
intransitive verb
3. to practice
  • es católico pero no practica he's a Catholic, but not a practicing one
transitive verb
1 [+habilidad, virtud] to practise; practice; (EEUU) exercise
2 (hacer prácticas de) [+actividad, profesión] to practise; practice; (EEUU) [+deporte] to play
le conviene practicar algún deporte it would be good for him to play a sport o do some sport; practica el francés con su profesor she practises French with her teacher
3 (ejecutar) [+operación quirúrgica] to carry out; do; perform (formal)
practicar un trasplante/una histerectomía
[+detención] to make; [+incisión] to make
4 [+hoyo] to cut; make
intransitive verb
(en deporte, juego) to practise; practice; (EEUU) (en profesión) to do one's training o practice;
Verb Conjugations for practicar
Gerund: practicando
Participle: practicado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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