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transitive verb
1. (to train)
a. to practice (United States)
Pasé tres horas practicando piano.I spent three hours practicing piano.
b. to practise (United Kingdom)
Hay que practicar mucho para mejorar cualquier destreza. One must practise in order to improve any skill.
2. (sports)
a. to play
Practicar tenis es un ejercicio estupendo para el cuerpo entero.Playing tennis is a great workout for the entire body.
3. (medical)
a. to perform
Puede que sea preciso practicar un transplante para salvarlo. It may be necessary to perform a transplant to save him.
4. (to observe a religion)
a. to practice
Nació católico, pero ahora practica el budismo. He was born Catholic, but now he practices Buddhism.
transitive verb
1. to practice (ejercitar) (idioma, profesión, religión) ; to play (deporte)
  • es creyente pero no practica su religión he's a believer, but he doesn't practice his religion
2. to carry out, to perform (realizar)
  • le practicaron la autopsia they carried out or performed an autopsy on him
  • tuvieron que practicar un hueco en la pared para poder salir they had to make a hole in the wall to get out
intransitive verb
3. to practice
  • es católico pero no practica he's a Catholic, but not a practicing one
transitive verb
1 [+habilidad, virtud] to practise; practice; (EEUU) exercise
2 (hacer prácticas de) [+actividad, profesión] to practise; practice; (EEUU) [+deporte] to play
le conviene practicar algún deporte it would be good for him to play a sport o do some sport; practica el francés con su profesor she practises French with her teacher
3 (ejecutar) [+operación quirúrgica] to carry out; do; perform (formal)
practicar un trasplante/una histerectomía
[+detención] to make; [+incisión] to make
4 [+hoyo] to cut; make
intransitive verb
(en deporte, juego) to practise; practice; (EEUU) (en profesión) to do one's training o practice;
Verb Conjugations for practicar
Gerund: practicando
Participle: practicado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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