1. (not theoretical) 
a. práctico 
Their ideas are good, but they don't have any practical application.Sus ideas son buenas, pero no tienen ninguna aplicación práctica.
2. (sensible) 
a. práctico 
He's very smart, hard-working, and practical.Es muy inteligente, trabajador y práctico.
3. (useful) 
a. práctico 
It's a small tool, and it's quite practical to keep in the glove box.Es una herramienta pequeña, y es bastante práctico tenerla en la guantera.
4. (feasible) 
a. factible 
It's a great goal, but is it practical?Es un gran objetivo, pero ¿es factible?
5. (virtual) 
a. no direct translation 
It's a practical certainty that we'll be out of money by October.Es prácticamente seguro que se nos agotará el dinero para octubre.
The car was left useless for all practical purposes after the accident.El carro quedó inútil a todos los efectos después del accidente.
6. (education) 
a. el examen práctico (M) (examination) 
The written exam is tomorrow and the practical is on Tuesday.El examen escrito es mañana y el examen práctico, el martes.
b. la práctica (F) (lesson) 
I find the practicals much more engaging.Me atraen mucho más las prácticas.
1. (lesson) 
a. la (clase ) práctica (F) 
2. (exam) 
a. el examen práctico (M) 
3. (mind, solution) 
a. práctico(a) 
he's very practicales muy práctico
for all practical purposesa efectos prácticos
practical jokebroma (pesada)
to play a practical joke on somebodygastar una broma a alguien
practical jokerbromista mf
4. (virtual) 
a. no direct translation 
it's a practical certaintyes prácticamente seguro
practical [ˈpræktɪkəl]
1 (not theoretical) práctico
practical experience of journalism would be valuable the ability to sort out simple, effective solutions to practical problems the SDP faces practical difficulties of organization and finance he lacked any of the practical common sense essential in management the aim is to provide information, professional advice and practical help to visually impaired people they are very good at practical work such as painting and decorating
the practical applications of this research las aplicaciones prácticas de estas investigaciones; I did better in the written exam than in the practical test la prueba escrita me salió mejor que la práctica
for all practical purposes a efectos prácticos
they are still husband and wife but, for all practical purposes, the marriage is over the term is sufficiently correct for practical purposes the answer to these questions, for all practical purposes, is yes
in practical terms en términos prácticos
what does that mean in practical terms?
to put one's knowledge to practical use hacer uso de or poner en práctica sus conocimientos
when he had mastered the technique, he was able to put it to immediate practical use it's good to be able to put my knowledge of linguistics to practical use at last the changes do not mean much in practical terms we haven't talked much about it in practical terms in practical terms it means a complete overhaul of the system to be of no practical use much of the information he gleaned was of no practical use
the information was of no practical use la información no tenía ninguna utilidad práctica
I don't really think the course is going to be of much practical use to me it's an interesting idea but of no practical use whatever
2 (sensible) [+person] práctico
you were always so practical could apañado wotk here? the leader has to be practical and a realist Now, more than ever before, youngsters need to be practical a very practical girl who worked out things for herself what a practical mind you have how could she be so practical when he'd just told her something so shattering? Phyl is very practical about the house
let's be practical (about this) seamos prácticos (con respecto a esto)
Be practical; unless you're very self-disciplined you're not going to trek across town on a winter evening to that yoga class You must also be practical about financial commitments such as mortgages
3 (feasible) factible
what's the most practical way of doing this? ¿cuál es la forma más factible de hacer esto?
how long will it be before nuclear fusion becomes practical? although the causes of cancer are being uncovered, we do not yet have any practical way to prevent it it is not easy to make practical suggestions for helping her
4 (useful, functional) [+clothing, suggestion, guide] práctico
shoes which are both practical and stylish zapatos (m) que son prácticos y a la vez tienen estilo
leopardskin stilettos aren't the most practical footwear in a blizzard
his clothes weren't very practical for wet weather su ropa no era muy práctica or apropiada or adecuada para la lluvia
our clothes are lightweight, fashionable, practical for holidays this practical guidebook teaches you about relaxation, coping skills, and time management that's a very practical suggestion we can offer you practical suggestions on how to increase the fibre in your daily diet practical ideas like providing extra security for elderly people plenty of down-to-earth practical information on sex and the teenager for your hospital stay, take clothes that are practical sympathy isn't enough; we need practical help practical help with the problems of disability You should be accompanied by someone who will offer practical help as well as emotional support
5 (virtual)
it's a practical certainty es casi seguro
to contemplate Derby without Mark Wright would be to accept relegation as a practical certainty the agreement resulted in the practical withdrawal of troops from the area relegation to the third division is now a practical certainty the first night was a practical [sell-out] it's a practical sell-out
(Educ) (Univ) (exam) examen (m) práctico
I did badly in the practical
(lesson) práctica (f)
I use that book for writing up physics practicals
practical joke (n) broma (f)
his fondness for practical jokes I suppose this is your idea of a practical joke?
to play a practical joke on sb gastar una broma a algn
he liked to play practical jokes on people who came to do interviews
practical joker (n) bromista (m)
he's a great practical joker she was a bit of a practical joker
practical nurse (n) (US) enfermeroaenfermera (m) (f) práctica or sin título;a enfermera
a licensed practical nurse (not a registered nurse) may be in charge and supervise the aides practical nurses will help develop a nursing care plan for the patient, administer medication, document the patient's medical progress and provide high quality daily care
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