1. (state of being poor) 
The number of children living in poverty decreased last year.El número de niños que viven en la pobreza disminuyó el año pasado.
2. (scarcity) 
Spiritual poverty afflicts wealthier countries.La pobreza espiritual aflige a los países más ricos.
The poverty of information makes no sense nowadays.La escasez de información es un contrasentido en la actualidad.
3. (poor quality) 
The poverty of the soil makes it unsuitable for crops.La pobreza del suelo lo hace inapropiado para el cultivo.
1. (general) 
a. la pobreza (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. la escasez f, pobreza (F) (of ideas) 
to live in povertyvivir en la pobreza
poverty lineumbral de pobreza
poverty [ˈpɒvətɪ]
1 (state of being poor) pobreza (f)
the majority of them lead lives of abject poverty a life of poverty, struggle and disease a study on poverty among the aged a community suffering poverty and injustice the government's anti-poverty programs I grew up with poverty - I know what it's like
absolute/extreme/relative poverty pobreza (f) absoluta/extrema/relativa
according to World Bank figures, 4l per cent of Brazilians live in absolute poverty relative poverty, consequent upon inequality, is inherent in a free market society Hegel thought that extreme poverty was an inevitable concomitant of a system of production based on private property
to live/die in poverty vivir/morir en la pobreza
there are thousands living in poverty Garvey died in loneliness and poverty
2 (lack) pobreza (f); escasez (f)
poverty of resources pobreza (f) or escasez (f) de recursos; poverty of ideas pobreza (f) de ideas; poverty of imagination pobreza (f) or falta (f) de imaginación
Britain has suffered from a poverty of ambition what is surprising is the sheer poverty of information available he blamed the recent violence on a poverty of values in our inner cities it is very difficult for parents to compensate for /the poverty of educational opportunities/
3 (poor quality) [of soil] pobreza (f)
the poverty of soil means not much will grow there
poverty line poverty level (US) (n) umbral (m) de pobreza
to be or live above/below the poverty line or level vivir por encima/por debajo del umbral de pobreza
middle-class people who are above the poverty line, but not wealthy the study indicates that people above the poverty line are increasingly unable to pay for health care the number of families living below the poverty line was increasing even when I worked full time I was still below the poverty level for the United States more than half the county residents live below the poverty level
to be or live on the poverty line vivir en el umbral de pobreza; vivir al borde de la pobreza
at the time they were on the poverty line, living almost like gypsies to earn poverty-level wages the 1990 poverty level is annual income of about $13,000
poverty trap (n) (Britain) trampa (f) de la pobreza
it would remove the poverty trap once and for all, by combining a sense of personal security with the incentive for initiative and effort
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poverty line
umbral de pobreza
extreme poverty
pobreza extrema
in poverty
en la pobreza
poverty rate
el índice de pobreza
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