usage note
This word is an uncountable noun that takes a plural verb.
1. (animal) 
She has a small farm where she raises pigs and poultry.Tiene una granja pequeña donde cría cerdos y aves de corral.
2. (culinary) 
I eat poultry two or three times a week.Como carne de ave dos o tres veces a la semana.
b. las aves (F) (in recipes or menus) 
There is a good selection of poultry dishes on the menu.El menú tiene una buena selección de platos de aves.
1. (birds) 
a. la aves de corral (F) 
2. (meat) 
a. la carne de ave or pollería (F) 
poultry farmgranja avícola
poultry farmeravicultor(ora) m,f
poultry [ˈpəʊltrɪ]
(alive) aves (f) de corral; (as food) aves (f);
poultry breeding (n) avicultura (f)
poultry dealer (n) recoveroarecovera (m) (f);a recovera polleroapollera (m) (f);a pollera
poultry farm (n) granja (f) avícola
poultry farmer (n) avicultoraavicultora (m) (f);a avicultora
poultry farming (n) avicultura (f)
poultry house (n) gallinero (m)
poultry keeper (n)
poultry farmer See culture box in entry poultry.
poultry keeping (n)
poultry farming See culture box in entry poultry.
poultry shop (n) (US) pollería (f)
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