Potty in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. orinal (m)
  • potty training = proceso de enseñar a un niño a usar el orinal
1. pirado(a) (familiar) (mad) (británico), rayado(a) (CSur), zafado(a) (Am)
  • to go potty volverse loco(a) or majara (español de España), rayarse (CSur)
  • to be potty about something/somebody estar loco(a) por algo/alguien
potty [ˈpɒtɪ] pottier (comparative)pottiest (superlative) (Britain)
1 (mad) chiflado (informal)
she's potty about him anda loca por él (informal); se chifla por él (informal); you must be potty! ¡tú estás loco!; to drive sb potty volver loco a algn; it's enough to drive you potty es para volverse loco
2 (small) insignificante; miserable
a potty little house
potty [ˈpɒtɪ]
orinal (m) de niño; bacinica (f); (LAm)
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