1. (in general) 
a. popular 
2. (newspapers, tv programs) 
a. de masas 
you won't make yourself very popular doing thatno va a sentar nada bien que hagas eso
she is popular with her colleaguescae bien a sus compañeros
by popular demanda petición or
contrary to popular beliefen contra de lo que comúnmente se cree
popular [ˈpɒpjʊləʳ]
1 (well-liked)
the show is proving very popular el espectáculo está gozando de mucho éxito or goza de mucha popularidad; I'm not very popular in the office just now en este momento no gozo de mucha simpatía en la oficina; this is one of our most popular lines (Comm) esta es una de nuestras líneas más vendidas
her novels have become increasingly popular in Japan the most popular tourist attraction in Britain this is the most popular ball game ever devised he remained the most popular politician in France Marilyn Monroe is still very popular - when her films are running there are always big queues /the new building has proved to be very popular/ attracting more visitors than almost any other modern building in Britain the company's annual dinner dance is always very popular he seems to be by far the most popular choice for president the price list features the most popular lines toiletries are always a popular choice at Christmas
to be popular with sb
he's popular with the girls tiene éxito con las chicas; I'm not very popular with her at the moment en este momento no soy santo de su devoción; she's very popular with her colleagues goza de mucha simpatía entre sus colegas; the area is popular with holidaymakers es una zona muy frecuentada por los turistas
the play has proved popular with audiences loud parties won't make you very popular with your neighbors Mr Major is clearly much more popular with the voters chocolate sauce is always popular with youngsters
2 (fashionable) de moda
long skirts are popular las faldas largas están de moda
summer weddings are very popular his music is very popular in Europe in the early 1760s gardening became popular with French ladies this is a very popular colour it is popular [to] do sth it is popular to despise politicians it is becoming increasingly popular to drink fruit teas it is no more popular to raise taxes at the local level than it is at the national level to [be] popular enjoy wide esteem be in fashion
3 (widespread) [+image, belief] generalizado
the popular image of women's lib the popular image of cold, clinical Germans is quite wrong new research challenges the popular myth of the high-powered career woman delaying her childbearing until her late thirties there is a popular [belief] that ...
contrary to popular belief or opinion en contra de or contrario a lo que comúnmente se cree
contrary to popular belief, women do gamble contrary to popular opinion, most break-ins occur during the daytime contrary to popular opinion, the ideal Muslim family is monogamous contrary to popular belief, spinach is not a particularly rich source of iron
by popular demand or request a petición del público; respondiendo a la demanda general
airlines are banning smoking by popular demand he himself will stay on as president by popular request, he said
it's a popular misconception that ... mucha gente piensa equivocadamente que ...
it's a popular misconception that you have to burn first to get a tan it's a popular misconception that what the Nazis were doing was not known
4 (of the people) [+unrest, support] popular; [+uprising] popular; del pueblo
a wave of popular unrest the party's leaders show they are in touch with popular feeling popular anger has been expressed in demonstrations popular discontent over shortages of petrol and basic goods her advocacy of popular democracy popular demands for greater democracy
he has great popular appeal goza del favor del público
popular feeling is against him el sentir popular or del pueblo está en su contra
her story caught the popular [imagination]
popular opinion la opinión general
the tide of popular opinion is on their side the regime has little popular [support] the military government has been unable to win popular support popular support for Maastricht has plummeted he was overthrown by a popular [uprising]
5 (appealing to the layman) [+culture, music, art, version] popular
it was later published in a popular version several of the popular papers carry pictures of Elizabeth Taylor on their front pages
the popular culture of his native Mexico
popular front (n) frente (m) popular
forces loyal to the Popular Front tried to overthrow him the Palestinian Popular Front the decision was backed by the nationalist Popular Front he changed the face of popular music one of the classics of modern popular music
the popular press (n) la prensa popular
once again the popular press in Britain has been rife with stories about their marriage
the popular vote (n) el voto popular
the New Democrats gained 43 per cent of the popular vote to be elected [by] popular vote he was the first president to be elected by popular vote
1. (del pueblo) 
a. popular 
2. (arte, música) 
a. folk 
3. (lenguaje) 
a. colloquial 
la voluntad popularthe will of the people
4. (famoso aceptado) 
a. popular 
hacerse popularto catch on
1 (del pueblo) [+cultura, levantamiento] popular; [+música] popular; folk; [+tradiciones] popular; folk; [+lenguaje] popular; colloquial
el tribunal popular the people's court
2 (de clase obrera)
un barrio popular a working-class neighbourhood o neighborhood; (EEUU)
3 (muy conocido) popular
es un actor muy popular he is a very popular actor; es la más popular de su clase she's the most popular child in her class
Verb Conjugations for popular
Gerund: populando
Participle: populado
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