intransitive verb
1. (to see romantically) (Chile) 
a. to go out 
Jaime y Marta están pololeando a escondidas de sus familias.Jaime and Marta are going out behind their families' backs.
¿Querí pololear conmigo? - No puedo, es que ya tengo polola.Want to go out with me? - I can't. I already have a girlfriend.
2. (to behave flirtatiously) (Chile) 
a. to flirt 
Diego ha estado pololeando conmigo por una eternidad pero nunca me ha invitado a salir.Diego has been flirting with me for ages but he's never asked me out.
intransitive verb
1. (colloquial) (Chile) 
a. to go out (together) 
pololear (Chile)
intransitive verb
1 (salir) to go out
pololear con algn to be going out with sb; be dating sb (familiar)
2 (coquetear) to flirt;con with
transitive verb
1 (pretender) to court
2 (coquetear con) to flirt with
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