feminine noun
1. (insurance) policy (de seguros)
2. = stamp on a document showing that a certain tax has been paid

póliza [po’-le-thah]
1. Check, draft, an order for the payment of money. (f)
2. Póliza de seguro, policy of insurance. (f)
3. A permit of the custom-house. (f)
4. Entrance-ticket for some ceremony. (f)
5. Tax stamp (impuesto). (f)
6. Insurance certificate (de seguro). (f)

1 (Com) (certificado) certificate; voucher; (giro) draft
pagar una póliza to pay out on an insurance policy
póliza de seguro(s) insurance policy
póliza dotal endowment policy
2 (impuesto) tax stamp; fiscal stamp

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