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masculine or feminine noun
1. policeman, (f) policewoman
feminine noun
  • la policía the police
  • viene la policía the police are coming
  • policía antidisturbios riot police
  • policía militar/secreta military/secret police
  • policía de tráfico traffic police
policeman/policewoman; police officer
policía de paisano plain-clothes policeman
policía informático/a police officer specializing in computer crime
policía local policía municipal local policeman/policewoman
policía acostado (Ven) (Automóviles) speed bump; sleeping policeman
(organización) police
¡llama a la policía! call the police!; Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (España) the Police Force
policía antidisturbios riot police
policía autonómica police force of a regional autonomy
policía de barrio community police
Policía de Tráfico traffic police
Policía Local Local Police
Policía Militar military police
Policía Montada mounted police
Policía Municipal local police
Policía Nacional national police
Policía Secreta secret police
In Spain the policía nacional is the force in charge of national security and general public order while the policía municipal deals with regulating traffic and policing the local community. The Basque Country and Catalonia also have their own police forces, the Ertzaintza and the Mossos d'Esquadra respectively. In rural areas it is the Guardia Civil that is responsible for policing duties.
note See culture box in entry guardia.note See culture box in entry Ertzaintza.
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