"poison" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. veneno (m)
  • what's your poison? (familiar) -> ¿qué tomas?
  • poison gas -> gas (m) tóxico
  • poison ivy -> zumaque (m)
  • poison pen letter -> anónimo (m) malicioso
verbo transitivo
2. envenenar (person, food) (intentionally); intoxicar (accidentally)
  • to poison somebody's mind (against somebody) -> enemistar or encizañar a alguien (con alguien)
3. contaminar (pollute)

poison [poi-son]
1. Veneno.
  • Poison-nut -> nuez vómica
2. Veneno, ponzoña, cualquier cosa gravemente nociva a la salud.
  • Poison-oak, poison-ivy -> especie de zumaque que causa inflamación de la piel
  • Poison-sumac, poison-elder -> (a) zumaque, árbol venenoso al tacto
(b) Mata, lo mismo que poison-oak.
1. Envenenar, atosigar, emponzoñar.
2. Corromper, intoxicar.

poison [ˈpɔɪzn]
veneno (m)
to die of poison morir envenenado; to take poison envenenarse; they hate each other like poison se odian a muerte
what's your poison? ¿qué toma?
1 envenenar; (chemically) intoxicar
the wells were poisoned habían echado sustancias tóxicas a los pozos
2 envenenar; emponzoñar
to poison sb's mind (against sth/sb) envenenar la mente de algn (contra algo/algn); a poisoned chalice especially (Britain) un arma de doble filo
Some people even claimed that the president appointed his former rival only in the belief that he was giving him a poisoned chalice and that he would not last more than a year He was aware what a potentially poisoned chalice it was to ask anybody to marry the heir to the throne The contract may yet prove to be a poisoned chalice
poison gas (n) gas (m) tóxico
poison ivy (n) (plant) hiedra (f) venenosa; (rash) urticaria (f)
poison oak (n) (plant) zumaque (m) venenoso; (loosely)
poison ivy See culture box in entry poison.
He is believed to have hatched the break-up scheme as a poison pill against a major onslaught by Hanson Kodak could get a multibillion-dollar bill for damages — a fact that has acted as a poison pill, discouraging takeover attempts The problem is that once most poison pills are adopted, they survive forever
poison pen letter (n) anónimo (m) ofensivo

Verb Conjugations for "poison" (go to el veneno)


I poison I poisoned I will poison
you poison you poisoned you will poison
he/she poisons he/she poisoned he/she will poison
we poison we poisoned we will poison
you poison you poisoned you will poison
they poison they poisoned they will poison
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