1. (in space) 
a. el punto (M) 
To complete your driving test, you must go from point A to point B.Para completar tu examen de conducir, tienes que ir desde punto A a punto B.
2. (in time) 
At this point in my life I really need my family.En este momento de mi vida, necesito mi familia.
3. (argument) 
I understand your point, but I still think that there is a solution.Entiendo tu posición, pero sigo creyendo que existe una solución.
4. (score) 
a. el punto (M) 
Michael Jordan scored 46 points during last night's game.Michael Jordan marcó 46 puntos en el partido de anoche.
5. (of a decimal) 
a. la coma (F) 
The table is one point eight meters long.La mesa mide uno coma ocho metros de largo.
b. el punto (M) (Latin America) 
She is one point five meters tall.Ella mide uno punto cinco metros de altura.
6. (feature) 
Modesty is not one of my best points.La modestia no es una de mis mejores cualidades.
7. (stocks) 
a. el punto (M) 
Ibex 35 went up 45 points.El Ibex 35 subió 45 puntos.
8. (sharp end) 
a. la punta (F) 
You have to sharpen the pencil point.Tienes que afilar la punta del lápiz.
9. (dot) 
a. el punto (M) 
The points of light from the city shone in the distance.Los puntos de luz de la ciudad brillaban en la distancia.
transitive verb
10. (to direct) 
a. apuntar 
He pointed the gun at me.Me apuntó con la pistola.
b. indicar 
The compass always points north.La brújula siempre indica el norte.
intransitive verb
11. (to indicate) 
Everything points to him being the murderer.Todo indica que es el asesino.
1. (in space) 
a. el punto (M) 
point of contactpunto de contacto
point of salepunto de venta
point of viewpunto de vista
2. (in time) 
a. el instante m, momento (M) 
at this point in timeen este preciso instante
at this point the phone rangen ese instante sonó el teléfono
to be on the point of doing somethingestar a punto de hacer algo
to reach the point of no returnllegar a un punto sin retorno
outspoken to the point of rudenessfranco(a) hasta lindar con la grosería
3. (of argument, discussion) 
a. el punto (M) 
the point is,…la cuestión es que…
I take your pointestoy de acuerdo con lo que dices
she has a pointno le falta razón
he made several interesting pointshizo varias observaciones or puntualizaciones muy interesantes
to get to the pointir al grano
that's beside the pointeso no viene al caso
that's not the pointno es esa la cuestión
what's the point?¿para qué?
to make a point of doing somethingpreocuparse de or procurar hacer algo
there is no point in waiting any longerno vale la pena seguir esperando
in point of facten realidad
her remarks were very much to the pointsus comentarios fueron muy pertinentes
it has its good pointstiene sus cosas buenas
up to a pointhasta cierto punto
not to put too fine a point on it…hablando en plata…
a point of grammar/lawuna cuestión gramatical/legal
point of ordercuestión de procedimiento or de forma
4. (punctuation mark) 
a. el punto (M) 
5. (mathematics) 
a. no direct translation 
(decimal) pointcoma (decimal)
three point fivetres coma cinco
6. (in game) 
a. el punto m, tanto (M) 
7. (in exam) 
a. el punto (M) 
to win on pointsganar por puntos
8. (on compass, thermometer) 
a. el grado (M) 
9. (finance) 
a. el entero m, punto (M) (on stockmarket) 
10. (of needle, pencil, sword) 
a. la punta (F) 
to end in a pointacabar en punta
11. (electric socket) () 
a. la toma de corriente (F) 
12. (of land) 
a. el punta f, cabo (M) 
13. (railroad) 
a. no direct translation 
pointsagujas fpl
transitive verb
14. (aim) 
a. dirigir 
to point a gun at somebodyapuntar con un arma a alguien
15. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to point the finger at somebodyseñalar (con el dedo) a alguien
16. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
just point me in the right directionbasta con que me digas cómo hacerlo más o menos
to point the wayindicar el camino
intransitive verb
17. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to point at something/somebodyseñalar algo/a alguien
to point northseñalar al norte
to be pointing toward somethingestar mirando hacia algo, estar en dirección a algo
this points to the fact that…esto nos lleva al hecho de que…
all the evidence points to suicidetodas las pruebas sugieren que se trata de un suicidio
point [pɔɪnt]
1 (Geom) (dot) punto (m); (decimal point) punto (m) decimal; coma (f)
two point six (2.6) dos coma seis (2,6)
2 (on scale, thermometer) punto (m)
boiling/freezing point punto de ebullición/congelación; the thermometer went up three points el termómetro subió tres grados; the index is down three points el índice bajó tres enteros; the shares went down two points las acciones bajaron dos enteros
3 (on compass) cuarta (f); grado (m)
from all points of the compass desde los cuatro rincones del mundo
4 [of needle, pencil, knife etc] punta (f); [of pen] puntilla (f)
to put a point on a pencil sacar punta a un lápiz; a star with five points una estrella de cinco puntas
at the point of a sword a punta de espada
She forced him to leave at the point of a gun
with a sharp point puntiagudo
not to put too fine a point on it (frankly) hablando sin rodeos
5 (place) punto (m); lugar (m)
... the highest point in the district ... at that point in the road He had reached a point where he began to doubt whether ...
he had reached the point of resigning había llegado al punto de la dimisión
I never reached the point of actually wanting to chuck myself out of the window though the thought did cross my mind one night
this was the low/high point of his career este fue el momento más bajo/el momento cumbre de su carrera
at all points por todas partes; en todos los sitios
`German attacks repelled at all points" ...at any point in the space-time matrix, or at all points simultaneously
delivered free to all points in Spain entrega gratuita en cualquier punto de España; the train stops at Carlisle and all points south el tren para en Carlisle y todas las estaciones al sur
at this point (in space) aquí; allí; (in time) en este or aquel momento
when it comes to the point en el momento de la verdad
when it came to the point of paying ... cuando llegó la hora de pagar ...; a la hora de pagar ...
When it came to the point of making the first repatriations, there was an outcry by public opinion
there was no point of contact between them no existía ningún nexo de unión entre ellos
She feared there could be little meeting-ground or point of contact between the two philosophies, peoples and countries For learning to occur, there must be a point of contact between the reader's knowledge of the world and the ideas communicated by the textbook author
to be on or at the point of death estar a punto de morir
While Lady Mourne was on the point of death, the Mournes' houseman had absconded with the family silver In this final chapter I shall hope to show how, even at the point of death, visualization can help and comfort
point of departure punto (m) de partida
point of entry (into a country) punto (m) de entrada; paso (m) fronterizo
Your passport hasn't been stamped at any point of entry. You have no return ticket, no hotel booking
from that point on ... de allí en adelante ...
to reach the point of no return llegar al punto sin retorno
to be on the point of doing sth estar a punto de hacer algo
abrupt to the point of rudeness tan brusco que resulta grosero
up to a point (in part) hasta cierto punto; en cierta medida
I agree with you up to a point
at the point where the road forks donde se bifurca el camino
6 (counting unit) (in Sport, test) punto (m)
points against puntos (m) en contra
points for puntos (m) a favor
to win on points ganar por puntos
to give sth/sb points out of ten dar a algo/algn un número de puntos sobre diez
How many points would you give her out of ten?
to score ten points marcar diez puntos
7 (most important thing)
the point is that ... el caso es que ...
The point is that you promised it for today! The point is, why was he in the house at all?
that's the whole point that's just the point! ¡eso es!; ¡ahí está!
the point of the joke/story la gracia del chiste/cuento
to be beside the point no venir al caso
it is beside the point that ... no importa que
do you get the point? ¿entiendes por dónde voy or lo que quiero decir?
But he's 10 years younger than I am. You get the point?
to miss the point no comprender
that's not the point esto no viene al caso; no es eso
to get off the point salirse del tema
We're getting off the point
his remarks were to the point sus observaciones venían al caso
an argument very much to the point un argumento muy a propósito; that is hardly to the point eso apenas hace al caso; to come or get to the point ir al grano; to get back to the point volver al tema; to keep or stick to the point no salirse del tema; to speak to the point (relevantly) hablar acertadamente; hablar con tino
8 (purpose, use) [of action, visit] finalidad (f); propósito (m)
What was the point of his visit?
it gave point to the argument hizo ver la importancia del argumento
"It's the Interval now - and the bar is open." The audience retreated en masse to the bar, giving point to her words The fact that in philosophy so much depends on the way things are expressed gives point to the saying that philosophy is an exercise in rhetoric
there's little point in telling him no merece la pena or no tiene mucho sentido decírselo
there's no point in staying no tiene sentido quedarse
a long story that seemed to have no point at all una larga historia que no parecía venir al caso en absoluto
to see the point of sth encontrar or ver sentido a algo; entender el porqué de algo
I don't see the point of or in doing that no veo qué sentido tiene hacer eso
The owners did not quite see the point of the exercise so I gave then a quick demonstration to show them what I hoped would happen It wasn't Larry's birthday and he couldn't see the point of all the fuss
what's the point? ¿para qué?; ¿a cuento de qué?
Sometimes I think I should give up smoking. Then I think, what's the pont? I'll still be breathing in my husband's smoke
what's the point of or in trying? ¿de qué sirve intentar?
9 (detail, argument) punto (m)
He had difficulty getting his point across to the audience
the points to remember are ... los puntos a retener son los siguientes ...; to carry or gain or win one's point salirse con la suya; five-point plan proyecto (m) de cinco puntos
to argue point by point razonar punto por punto
Franco read the text and discussed it at length with Don Juan, arguing it point by point
in point of fact en realidad; el caso es que
I think she has a point creo que tiene un poco de razón
you've got or you have a point there! ¡tienes razón!; ¡es cierto!; (LAm)
the point at issue el asunto; el tema en cuestión
to make one's point convencer
you've made your point nos etc has convencido; he made the following points dijo lo siguiente; to make the point that ... hacer ver or comprender que ...
to make a point of doing sth make it a point to do sth poner empeño en hacer algo
I always made it a point to remember who liked baseball and whose kids had just started college
on this point sobre este punto
on that point en cuanto a eso; on that point we agree sobre eso estamos de acuerdo; to differ on a point no estar de acuerdo en un particular
to press the point insistir;that en que
to stretch a point hacer una excepción
I take your point acepto lo que dices
point taken! ¡de acuerdo!
point of view punto (m) de vista
from the point of view of desde el punto de vista de; to see or understand sb's point of view comprender el punto de vista de algn; to look at a matter from all points of view considerar una cuestión bajo todos sus aspectos; to come round to sb's point of view adoptar el criterio de algn
11 (matter) cuestión (f)
point of detail detalle (m)
The best positions for the press, radio and television were discussed and many other points of detail
point of honour cuestión (f) or punto (m) de honor
Beer is currently fashionable in Italy, and it is becoming a point of honour for bars to stock as many foreign brands as possible
point of interest punto (m) interesante
The only point of interest is that the fellow was killed not very long afterwards
point of law cuestión (f) de derecho
Both sides had a case and one of the points of law at issue was highly arcane It involved an interesting point of law and I looked forward to some hours of quiet research in case books, parliamentary laws and codes
point of order cuestión (f) de procedimiento
a point of principle una cuestión de principios
12 (characteristic) cualidad (f)
what points should I look for? ¿qué puntos debo buscar?
bad points cualidades (f) malas
good points cualidades (f) buenas
he has his points tiene algunas cualidades buenas
tact isn't one of his strong points la discreción no es uno de sus (puntos) fuertes
it was always his strong point siempre ha sido su punto fuerte
weak point flaco (m); punto (m) flaco; punto (m) débil
13 points (Britain) (Ferro) agujas (f); (Aut) platinos (m)
14 (Britain) (Electricity and Electronics) (also power point) toma (f) de corriente; tomacorriente (m); (S. Cone)
15 (Geog) punta (f); promontorio (m); cabo (m)
16 (Tip) (punctuation mark) punto (m)
9 point black (Tip) negritas (f) del cuerpo 9
17 (Ballet) (usu pl) punta (f)
to dance on points bailar sobre las puntas
transitive verb
1 (aim, direct) apuntar;at a
to point a gun at sb apuntar a algn con un fusil
to point one's finger at sth/sb señalar con el dedo algo/a algn
to point one's toes hacer puntas
he pointed the car towards London puso el coche rumbo a Londres
to point the finger at sb señalar con el dedo a algn
Often, it is easy for the violent or abusive wife to turn the tables, pointing the finger at her husband as the aggressor
2 (indicate, show) señalar; indicar
would you point me in the direction of the town hall? ¿me quiere decir dónde está el ayuntamiento?
we pointed him in the right direction le indicamos el camino
to point the moral that ... subrayar la moraleja de que ...
to point the way señalar el camino
3 (Constr) [+wall] rejuntar
4 [+text] puntuar; [+Hebrew etc] puntar
intransitive verb
1 señalar
it's rude to point
to point at or towards sth/sb (with finger) señalar algo/a algn con el dedo
the car isn't pointing in the right direction el coche no va en la dirección correcta
it points (to the) north apunta hacia el norte
the hands pointed to midnight las agujas marcaban las 12 de la noche
2 (indicate) indicar
everything points that way todo parece indicarlo
this points to the fact that ... esto indica que ...
the evidence points to her las pruebas indican que ella es la culpable; everything points to his success todo anuncia su éxito; everything points to the festival being a lively one el festival se anuncia animado
to point to sth (call attention to) señalar algo
I want to point to one or two facts Fodor points to other weaknesses in the way the campaign has progressed Gooch pointed to the team's bowling as the key to their success
4 [+dog] mostrar la caza; parar
point duty (n) (Britain) (Police) control (m) de la circulación
to be on point duty dirigir la circulación or el tráfico
point of reference (n) punto (m) de referencia
point of sale (n) punto (m) de venta
points decision (n) (Boxing) decisión (f) a los puntos
points failure (n) (Britain) (Ferro) fallo (m) en el sistema de agujas
points system (n) (gen) sistema (m) de puntos; (Aut) sistema de penalización por las infracciones cometidas por un conductor que puede llevar a determinadas sanciones (p. ej. la retirada del permiso de conducir)
All the legislation is in place for France to lower its accident rate - rear seat belts, safety inspection of child seats, lower speed limits, lower drink-drive limits and a points system on driving licences
points victory points win (n) victoria (f) a los puntos
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