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1. bolsillo (m) (in trousers, jacket)bolsa (f) (CAm, español de México, español de Perú)
  • to go through somebody's pocketsbuscar en los bolsillos de alguien
  • prices to suit every pocketprecios para todos los bolsillos
  • to be out of pockethaber perdido dinero
  • I paid for the presents out of my own pocketpagué los regalos de mi propio bolsillo
  • to line one's pockets(sentido figurado) llenarse los bolsillos, forrarse
  • to have somebody in one's pocket(sentido figurado) tener a alguien metido en el bolsillo
  • pocket calculatorcalculadora (f) de bolsillo
  • pocket moneydinero (m) para gastos;(for buying things) paga (f) , propina (f)(given by parents)
2. agujero (m) tronera (f) (in snooker, pool)
3. bolsa (f) (of air, gas); foco (m) (of resistance, rebellion)
transitive verb
4. meter en el bolsillo (put in pocket); afanar (familiar) (steal), embolsarse (español de España)
pocket [ˈpɒkɪt]
1 (in trousers etc) bolsillo (m); bolsa (f); (Méx)
with his hands in his pockets con las manos (metidas) en los bolsillos
to have sth/sb in one's pocket tener algo/a algn en el bolsillo
to line one's pockets forrarse
to live in each other's or one another's pockets (Britain) vivir el uno para el otro; no dejarse ni a sol ni a sombra
Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to live in each other's pockets This is insufficient to explain how the two of them survived 23 years in each other's pockets
to put one's hand in one's pocket echar mano al bolsillo
2 (finances, budget)
to have deep pockets tener muchos posibles; tener las espaldas bien cubiertas
...insurers, wealthy persons, corporations, and others with deep pockets The museum was forever in need of funds, having been outstripped by the more glamorous institutions that were more successful in attracting those with deep pockets How much would it cost? Like I say, I don't have deep pockets
that hurts his pocket eso le duele en el bolsillo; to be in pocket salir ganando; to be £5 in pocket haber ganado 5 libras; to be out of pocket salir perdiendo; to be £5 out of pocket haber perdido 5 libras
3 (Billiards) tronera (f)
4 (restricted area, space)
pocket of resistance foco (m) de resistencia; pocket of warm air bolsa (f) de aire caliente
transitive verb
1 meter or guardar en el bolsillo
to pocket one's pride aguantarse; tragarse el orgullo
2 (Billiards) entronerar
3 (gain, steal) embolsar
he pocketed half the takings se embolsó la mitad de la recaudación
de bolsillo
pocket battleship (n) acorazado (m) de bolsillo
pocket calculator (n) calculadora (f) de bolsillo
pocket diary (n) agenda (f) de bolsillo
pocket edition (n) edición (f) de bolsillo
pocket handkerchief (n) pañuelo (m) (de bolsillo)
pocket money (n) dinero (m) para gastos (personales); (children's) dinero (m) de bolsillo
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