masculine noun
1. legal action, lawsuit (law) (litigio); dispute (disputa)
  • poner un pleito (a alguien) -> to take legal action (against somebody)
2. argument (discusión) (Am)

pleito [play'-e-to]
1. Convenant, contract, bargain. (m)
2. Dispute, contest, controversy. (m)
3. Debate, contention, strife. (m)
4. Litigation, judicial contest, lawsuit. (m)
5. Quarrel (discusión). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
  • Pleito de acreedores -> proceedings under a commission of bankruptcy
  • Ganar el pleito -> to win one's case

1 (Jur) lawsuit; case;pleitos litigation
; (s)
andar en pleitos to be engaged in lawsuits o litigation; entablar pleito to bring an action; bring a lawsuit; ganar el pleito to win one's case; poner pleito to sue; bring an action; poner pleito a algn to bring an action against sb; take sb to court
pleito civil civil action
pleito de acreedores bankruptcy proceedings
; (p)
2 (litigio) dispute
3 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (discusión) quarrel; argument; (pelea) fight; brawl
estar a pleito con algn to be at odds with sb; no quiero meterme en pleitos I don't want to get into an argument
pleito homenaje homage

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