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1. satisfacción (f) placer (m) (contentment)
  • he took pleasure in informing them that they had been sacked disfrutó mucho comunicándoles que habían sido despedidos
  • it gave me great pleasure fue un auténtico placer para mí
  • with pleasure con (mucho) gusto
  • (it's) my pleasure! ¡no hay de qué!
  • I have pleasure in informing you that… (Formal) tengo el gusto de or me complace informarles de que…
2. placer (m) (enjoyment)
  • pleasure boat barco (m) de recreo
  • pleasure trip viaje (m) de placer
3. voluntad (f) (will)
  • at somebody's pleasure según disponga alguien
  • to be detained at or during Her Majesty's pleasure (Law) ser encarcelado(a) a discreción del Estado (británico)
pleasure [ˈpleʒəʳ]
1 (satisfaction) placer (m); gusto (m); (happiness) alegría (f)
to be fond of pleasure ser amante de los placeres; sexual pleasure placer (m) sexual
my pleasure! the pleasure is mine! (returning thanks) ¡de nada!; ¡no hay de qué!; especially (LAm)
what pleasure can you find in shooting partridges? ¿qué placer encuentras en matar perdices?
to do sth for pleasure hacer algo por gusto or placer
I read for pleasure
is this trip for business or pleasure? ¿este viaje es de negocios o de placer?
to get pleasure from sth disfrutar con algo
He gets huge pleasure from ballet and contemporary dance
to give sb pleasure dar gusto a algn
if it gives you any pleasure si te gusta
I have much pleasure in informing you that ... tengo el gran placer de comunicarles que ...
may I have the pleasure? (at dance) ¿quiere usted bailar?
Mr and Mrs Brown request the pleasure of your company (on invitation) los Sres. Brown tienen el placer de solicitar su asistencia
to take pleasure in books disfrutar leyendo
I take great pleasure in watching them grow disfruto muchísimo viéndolos crecer; to take pleasure in teasing sb disfrutar tomando el pelo a algn
with pleasure con mucho gusto
"Could you photocopy the advert for me? "With pleasure, John"
2 (source of pleasure) placer (m); gusto (m)
it's a real pleasure es un verdadero placer; all the pleasures of London todos los placeres de Londres; it's a pleasure to see her da gusto verla; it's a pleasure to know that ... es un motivo de satisfacción saber que ...
3 (will) voluntad (f)
what is your pleasure, sir? ¿en qué puedo servirle, señor?; ¿qué manda el señor?
at sb's pleasure según la voluntad de algn
to be detained during her Majesty's pleasure (Jur) quedar encarcelado a disposición del Estado
transitive verb
(sexually) dar placer a
Anthea leans up against piles of natural fabric in the linen room to be pleasured by her husband You also need to give each other some guidance in pleasuring each other
to pleasure o.s. (masturbate) masturbarse
Kinsey found about 50 percent of widowed, separated, or divorced women (and more men) in their fifties pleasured themselves about once every three weeks
pleasure boat pleasure craft (n) barco (m) de recreo
pleasure cruise (n) crucero (m) de recreo
pleasure ground (n) parque (m) de atracciones
pleasure seeker (n) hedonista (m)
pleasure steamer (n) vapor (m) de recreo
pleasure trip (n) viaje (m) de placer
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