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playing looks like it is a form of the word play.
1. obra (f) (de teatro) (drama)
2. juego (m) (of children)
  • at playjugando
  • to make great play of somethingsacarle mucho jugo a algo
  • play on wordsjuego de palabras
3. juego (m) (in sport)
  • play began at one o'clockel juego comenzó a la una
  • in playen juego
  • out of playfuera del campo
  • to come into play (sentido figurado) entrar en juego
  • to make a play for something (sentido figurado) tratar de conseguir algo
4. juego (m) (Tech)
transitive verb
5. jugar a (game, sport) ; jugar contra (opponent)
  • to play center forwardjugar de delantero centro
  • to play soccer/chessjugar al fútbol/ajedrez
  • to play somebody at somethingjugar contra alguien a algo
  • he decided not to play Sandersdecidió no sacar a Sanders
  • to play a shotdar un golpe, hacer un tiro (in snooker, pool)
  • to play a cardjugar una carta
  • stop playing games! (sentido figurado) ¡basta ya de juegos!
  • to play ball (sentido figurado) cooperar (co-operate)
  • to play the Stock Exchangejugar a la bolsa
  • to play a joke or a trick on somebodygastarle una broma a alguien
6. interpretar (in play, film)
  • to play Macbethinterpretar a Macbeth
  • to play an important part (in something) (sentido figurado) desempeñar un papel importante (en algo)
  • to play no part in something (sentido figurado) no tomar parte en algo; (person) no tener nada que ver con algo (thing, feeling)
  • to play the fool (sentido figurado) hacer el tonto
7. tocar (musical instrument, piece) ;
intransitive verb
8. jugar (children) ; retozar (animals)
  • to play with somethingjuguetear con algo (pen, hair)
  • to play with an idea (sentido figurado) darle vueltas a una idea
  • to play with fire (sentido figurado) jugar con fuego
  • what's she playing at? (familiar sentido figurado) ¿a qué juega?
9. jugar (sportsperson)
  • to play fair/dirtyjugar limpio/sucio
  • to play for moneyjugar por or con dinero
  • to play for time (sentido figurado) intentar ganar tiempo
  • to play into somebody's hands (sentido figurado) hacerle el juego a alguien, facilitarle las cosas a alguien
  • to play safe (sentido figurado) ir a lo seguro, no arriesgarse
10. sonar (musical instrument) ; tocar (musician)
11. actuar (actor) ; exhibirse (film) ; representarse (play)
play [pleɪ]
1 (recreation) juego (m)
Children learn through play
to be at play estar jugando
to do/say sth in play hacer/decir algo en broma
2 (Dep) juego (m); (move, manoeuvre) jugada (f); movida (f)
There was some good play in the second half
neat play una bonita jugada; a clever piece of play una hábil jugada; play began at three o'clock el partido empezó a las tres; to be in play [+ball] estar en juego; to be out of play [+ball] estar fuera de juego
3 (Teat) obra (f) (de teatro); pieza (f);plays teatro (m)
the plays of Lope las obras dramáticas de Lope; el teatro de Lope; radio/television play obra (f) para radio/televisión; to be in a play [+actor] actuar en una obra
He was recently in a play at the Royal Court
4 (Téc) etc juego (m)
there's not enough play in the rope la cuerda no da lo suficiente; there's too much play in the clutch el embrague tiene demasiada holgura or va demasiado suelto
5 (interaction)
the play of light on the water el rielar de la luz sobre el agua; the play of light and dark in this picture el efecto de luz y sombra en este cuadro; the free play of market forces la libre interacción de los mercados; the play of ideas in the film is fascinating el abanico de ideas en la película es fascinante
6 (figurative phrases)
to bring or call into play poner en juego
to come into play entrar en juego
to give full free play to one's imagination
to make a play for sth/sb intentar conseguir algo/conquistar a algn
to make (a) great play of sth insistir en algo; hacer hincapié en algo
a play on words un juego de palabras
transitive verb
1 [+football, tennis, chess, bridge, cards, board game etc] jugar a; [+game, match] jugar; disputar
to play a match against sb The match will be played on Saturday
do you play football? ¿juegas al fútbol?; what position does he play? ¿de qué juega?; to play centre-forward/centre-half etc jugar de delantero centro/medio centro etc; they played him in goal lo pusieron en la portería
to play a game of tennis jugar un partido de tenis
to play a game of cards (with sb) echar una partida de cartas (con algn); the children were playing a game in the garden los niños estaban jugando (a un juego) en el jardín; don't play games with me! ¡no me vengas con jueguecitos!; ¡no trates de engañarme!
Don't play games with me! Just give me a straight answer.
to play the field (have many girlfriends, boyfriends) darse al ligue (informal)
He gave up playing the field and married a year ago
to play the game (get involved) tomar parte; mojarse (informal); (play fair) acatar las normas
If you want to meet women, you have to approach them you can't just sit back, you have to play the game He'd begun to like this guy. Ramon, as far as Grady could tell, was playing the game. He was doing the right thing without being prodded or pushed
2 [+team, opponent] jugar contra
I played him twice jugué contra él dos veces; last time we played Sunderland ... la última vez que jugamos contra Sunderland ...
to play sb at chess jugar contra algn al ajedrez
I'll play you for the drinks quien pierde paga
3 [+card] jugar; [+ball] golpear
A player can only be penalized if he has made no attempt to play the ball
[+chess piece etc] mover; [+fish] dejar que se canse; agotar
he played the ball into the net (Tennis) estrelló or golpeó la pelota contra la red
to play the market (St Ex) jugar a la bolsa
to play one's cards right or well jugar bien sus cartas
Soon, if she played her cards right, she would be head of the London office
he played his ace sacó el as que llevaba escondido en la manga
And then she played her ace she told him he couldn't have been at home that night because she phoned him and there was no answer
to play ball (with sb) (cooperate) colaborar (con algn)
The question is, will he play ball with us or will he choose to go it alone? If he won't play ball we'll just have to get tough with him
4 (perform) [+role, part] hacer; interpretar
In his new movie he again plays the part of a villain
[+work] representar;
(perform in) [+town] actuar en
what part did you play? ¿qué papel tuviste?; when we played "Hamlet" cuando representamos "Hamlet"; when I played Hamlet cuando hice el papel de Hamlet; we shall be playing the West End pondremos la obra en el West End; when we last played Blackpool cuando actuamos la última vez en Blackpool; let's play it for laughs hagámoslo de manera burlesca
to play one's part well He played his part well no one suspected he wasn't her husband he was only playing a part It was clear that he didn't really believe what he was telling her he was only playing a part to play a part (in) Relatives and friends can play a part in letting the person believe that he or she is worth helping He was executed for playing a part in the plot to kill Hitler Unfortunately, Hartson played no part in their success he was injured at the time Stress seems to play a part in some cases of unexplained infertility But many other factors also seem to play a part
to play the peacemaker/the devoted husband hacer el papel de pacificador/de marido amantísimo
Whenever the boys started arguing, it was always their father who played the peacemaker
we could have played it differently podríamos haber actuado de otra forma
We could have played it differently we could have used bribery instead of threats
to play it cool mantener el tipo; actuar como si nada
Needless to say, I was mortified by the development, but felt that publicly I must play it cool
to play (it) safe obrar con cautela; ser prudente
5 (Mús) etc [+instrument, note] tocar; [+tune, concerto] tocar; interpretar (formal)
After dinner we asked him to play a tune on the fiddle
[+tape, CD] poner; tocar
to play the piano/violin tocar el piano/el violín; they played the 5th Symphony tocaron or (formal) interpretaron la Quinta Sinfonía; they were playing Beethoven tocaban or (formal) interpretaban algo de Beethoven; I can't play a note no tengo ni idea de música
None of us could play a note but we all fought to carry the guitar as we walked down the street to play a joke trick on sb to play a dirty trick on sb
6 (direct) [+light, hose] dirigir
to play hoses on a fire dirigir mangueras sobre un incendio; to play a searchlight on an aircraft dirigir un reflector hacia un avión; hacer de un avión el blanco de un reflector
to play sb false
intransitive verb
1 (amuse o.s.) [+child] jugar; [+puppy, kitten etc] jugar; juguetear
to go out to play salir a jugar; to play with a stick juguetear con un palo; to play with an idea dar vueltas a una idea; barajar una idea; to play with one's food comiscar; to play with fire jugar con fuego; he's got money to play with tiene dinero de sobra; how much time/money do we have to play with? ¿con cuánto tiempo/dinero contamos?; ¿de cuánto tiempo/dinero disponemos?; he's just playing with you se está burlando de ti; to play with o.s. tocarse; masturbarse
2 (Dep) (at game, gamble) jugar
play! ¡listo!; who plays first? ¿quién juega primero?; are you playing today? ¿tu juegas hoy?; I've not played for a long time hace mucho tiempo que no juego
England are playing against Scotland in the final Inglaterra jugará contra or se enfrentará a Escocia en la final
to play at chess jugar al ajedrez
they're playing at soldiers están jugando a (los) soldados; he's just playing at it lo hace para pasar el tiempo nada más; the little girl plays at being a woman la niña juega a ser mujer; what are you playing at? pero ¿qué haces?; ¿qué te pasa?
to play by the rules acatar las normas
Politicians, of all people, must play by the rules She played by the rules. She worked hard, saved money, put herself through school, became a teacher, got married, and looked forward to living the American dream
to play fair jugar limpio
he plays for Liverpool juega en el Liverpool
to play for money jugar por dinero; to play for high stakes apostar muy alto; poner mucho en juego
The minster knew he was playing for high stakes. If the plan didn't succeed, he would have no choice but to resign
to play in defence/goal (Dep) jugar de defensa/de portero
he played into the trees (Golf) mandó la bola a la zona de árboles
to play for time tratar de ganar tiempo
to play into sb's hands hacer el juego a algn
to play to one's strengths sacar partido a sus cualidades
We played to our strengths. We pressurized everyone and made them run There are many ways to succeed in this business, but you must learn what you are good at in order to play to those strengths
3 (Mús) [+person] tocar; [+instrument, record etc] sonar
do you play? ¿sabes tocar?; a record was playing in the background de fondo sonaba un disco; when the organ plays cuando suena el órgano
will you play for us? ¿nos tocas algo?
to play on the piano tocar el piano
to play to sb tocar para algn
4 (Teat) (Cine) (act) actuar
to play in a film trabajar en una película; we have played all over the South hemos representado en todas partes del Sur; the film now playing at the Odeon la película que se exhibe or proyecta en el Odeon
to play hard to get hacerse de rogar; [+woman] hacerse la difícil
to play dead hacerse el muerto
Sometimes when we chase them, they are so scared that they roll themselves into a ball and play dead
5 (move about, form patterns) correr
the sun was playing on the water rielaba el sol sobre el agua; a smile played on his lips una sonrisa le bailaba en los labios
6 [+fountain] correr; funcionar
...a marble court in the middle of which a fountain is playing There was a fountain playing in the middle of the hall
play clothes (n) ropa (f) para jugar
play reading (n) lectura (f) (de una obra dramática)
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Gerund: jugando
Participle: jugado
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