1. (act of making plans) 
This is a long trip, so it'll need further planning than normal.Este es un viaje largo, así que necesitará más planificación de lo normal.
2. (urban development) 
She's working on a degree in planning so she can then work for the city to improve its infrastructure.Está haciendo una licenciatura en urbanismo para poder trabajar para la ciudad para mejorar su infraestructura.
1. (general) 
a. la planificación (F) 
2. (town planning) 
a. el urbanismo (M) 
it's still at the planning stageaún está en fase de estudio
planning permissionlicencia de obras
planning [ˈplænɪŋ]
planificación (f)
the trip needs careful planning hay que planear bien el viaje
the planning of the project took three years I was impressed by the planning of the workplace anything is possible with enough time and planning we must do some planning for the holidays the concrete deserts created by modern planning at its worst
we're still in the planning stage(s) or at the planning stage estamos todavía en la etapa de la planificación
the planning stage is now complete the new system is still in the planning stages whether your business is at the planning stage or up and running, call at any Midland Bank for guidance
[+committee, department, process] de planificación
repairs often need consent from the local planning authority he supported the planning authority in refusing the application because of pressures on the Green Belt applications should be addressed to the planning authorities
planning board (n) (US) comisión (f) planificadora
planning officer (n) funcionarioafuncionaria (m) (f) de urbanismo;a funcionaria
she is a planning officer with the local council
planning permission (n) permiso (m) de obra
the occupier of the premises has applied for planning permission
planning regulations (n) normas (f) urbanísticas
they were forced to comply with planning regulations she was criticized for bypassing planning regulations


1. (general) 
a. scheduling 
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I am planning
estoy planeando
we are planning
estamos planeando
family planning
la planificación familiar
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