"planes" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. plano (m) (surface, level)
1. avión (m) (airplane)
  • by plane -> en avión
  • plane ticket -> billete (m) or boleto (m) or (Am) pasaje (m) de avión (Am)
1. cepillo (m) (tool)
verbo transitivo
2. cepillar
  • plane (tree) -> plátano (m)

plane [plein]
1. que tiene una superficie llana. (Botánica)
2. Plano, superficie plana.
3. Cepillo, instrumento de carpintería (brush).
4. V.
  • Plane-table -> (a) plancheta, instrumento topográfico de los agrimensores
  • Bench-plane -> garlopa, cepillo de banco
  • Jack-plane -> garlopa de alisar
  • Robbet-plane -> cepillo de ranurar
  • Dovetail-plane -> guillame de ensamblar
PLANE-TREE. (b) Tablilla inclinada para disponer los minerales.
1. Allanar.
2. Acepillar, alisar.
1. Aeroplano, avión.
  • This book is on a different este libro está a otro nivel -> es de otra categoría (level)
Plano. Nivel.

plane [pleɪn]
1 (aeroplane, airplane) avión (m)
my plane leaves at eleven he had plenty of time to catch his plane we bought the cigarettes on the plane
to go by plane ir en avión
we went to Spain by plane
to send goods by plane enviar mercancías por avión
2 (Art) (Mat) (Constr) plano (m)
a building with angled planes /all the planets orbit the Sun in roughly the same plane/, round its equator
vertical/horizontal plane plano (m) vertical/horizontal
to move on in a vertical/horizontal plane as your trunk turns and rotates on a fairly horizontal plane, your arms and the club swing on a comparatively vertical plane the dancers cannot travel outwards in a horizontal plane from the narrow platform the up-and-down movements of the legs in a vertical plane aspects of a lighting scheme to be considered include the character and color of the light to be used, the illumination of vertical and horizontal planes
3 nivel (m)
he seems to exist on another plane parece vivir en otro nivel or en una esfera distinta; on the ideological plane en el plano ideológico
we felt we were living life on several different planes working out a solution on one plane, we come to one conclusion; thinking it through on another plane, something else appears right hers was life on a higher plane of [existence] they stressed perfection as a way of reaching a higher plane of existence
she tried to lift the conversation onto a higher plane trató de llevar la conversación a un nivel más elevado
it's not something that lifts you to a higher plane of living the way music can
4 (tool) (small) cepillo (m) (de carpintero); (large) garlopa (f)
5 (Bot) (also plane tree) plátano (m)
(Geom) plano
a plane surface una superficie plana
lines drawn on a plane surface
she watches him plane the surface of a walnut board again I planed the surface flush get a carpenter to plane jammed windows
to plane sth down cepillar or desbastar algo
the piece was reduced in size by planing down the four corners
[+bird, glider] planear; [+boat, car] deslizarse
an eagle was planing overhead there were thousands of seagulls planing around a buzzard planed gracefully over the tree tops in the distance a little white yacht was planing along the road was so greasy and wet the car planed out of control when the brakes were applied all four of the boats planed across the Solent with the greatest of ease
plane crash (n) accidente (m) de avión
her mother was killed in a plane crash
plane geometry (n) geometría (f) plana
plane ticket (n) billete (m) or pasaje (m) de avión
we had already bought the plane tickets for her flight home

Verb Conjugations for "plane" (go to el avión)


I plane I planed I will plane
you plane you planed you will plane
he/she planes he/she planed he/she will plane
we plane we planed we will plane
you plane you planed you will plane
they plane they planed they will plane
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"planes" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to bewail
intransitive verb
2. to moan, to wail

plañir [plah-nyeer’]
verb neuter
1. To lament, to grieve, to bewail, to sob; to whimper and whine. (n)

to mourn; grieve over

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