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1. llanura (f)
2. claro(a) (clear, unambiguous)
  • to make something plain to somebody dejar claro algo a alguien
  • I'll be quite plain with you voy a ser claro con usted
  • it's as plain as the nose on your face (familiar) está más claro que el agua
  • in plain English en lenguaje llano
  • a plain answer una respuesta directa or clara
  • it was plain sailing (sentido figurado) fue pan comido
  • plain speaking franqueza (f)
  • the plain truth la verdad pura y simple
3. sencillo(a) (simple) (style, garment)
  • that's just plain foolishness (familiar) es pura tontería
  • one plain, one purl uno del derecho, uno del revés (in knitting)
  • plain chocolate chocolate (m) amargo
  • in plain clothes de paisano (policeman)
  • plain flour harina (f) sin levadura
4. feo(a) (not beautiful)
  • a plain Jane un patito feo
plain [pleɪn]
plainer (comparative)plainest (superlative)
1 (clear, obvious) claro; evidente
it is plain that es evidente or obvio que; está claro que
it must be plain to all that ...
to make sth plain (to sb) poner algo de manifiesto (a algn); dejar algo claro
you have made your feelings plain has puesto tus sentimientos de manifiesto; has dejado claros tus sentimientos
her guilt was plain to see saltaba a la vista que era culpable
it's as plain as a pikestaff or as the nose on your face or as day está más claro que el agua
2 (outspoken, honest) franco
I shall be plain with you le hablaré con toda franqueza; seré franco con usted; let me be plain with you déjeme que le hable claramente or sin rodeos; permítame que le hable con franqueza (formal)
plain dealing negocios (m) limpios
the country's reputation for honesty and plain dealing
3 (unadorned) [+answer] franco; [+living] sencillo; sin lujo; [+food, cooking] sencillo; corriente; [+language, style] sencillo; llano; [+envelope] en blanco; [+paper] liso; [+fabric] de un solo color; liso
in one colour
he drank plain water bebió agua nada más; they're very plain people es gente muy sencilla or llana; she used to be plain Miss Jones antes se llamaba la Srta. Jones sin más; it's just plain common sense es de sentido común
it's a plain guess he's a plain man
in plain clothes [+policeman] (vestido) de civil or paisano
under plain [cover]
in plain English or language (understandably) en lenguaje claro or sencillo; (frankly) (hablando) sin rodeos
In plain English, don't be so nosy Isn't it great when experts talk in plain English? the book explains these theories in plain language if someone would tell them in plain language what needs to be done, they would respond
the plain truth la verdad lisa y llana
it's plain sailing from now on a partir de ahora es pan comido (informal)
4 (not pretty) poco atractivo
she's terribly plain no es nada atractiva
to be a plain Jane ser una chica poco atractiva; ser más bien fea
1 (completely)
he's plain wrong no tiene razón, y punto; it's just plain stupid es una ridiculez absoluta or total
2 (simply) claramente; con toda claridad
I can't put it plainer than that más claramente no lo puedo decir; no lo puedo decir con más claridad
he told me quite plain that ... me dijo claramente or con toda claridad que ...
1 (Geog) llanura (f); llano (m)
the Great Plains (US) las Grandes Llanuras
2 (Knitting) punto (m) sencillo
plain chocolate (n) chocolate (m) amargo or sin leche
plain flour (n) harina (f) sin levadura
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