masculine noun
1. (satisfaction) 
a. pleasure 
Ha sido un placer conocerlo, Señor Presidente.It has been a pleasure to meet you, Mr. President.
2. (nautical) 
a. sandbank 
El bote paró en un placer para dejar que la gente estirara las piernas.The boat stopped at a sandbank to let people stretch their legs.
intransitive verb
3. (to satisfy) 
a. to please 
Nos place que te quedes con nosotros durante los días feriados.It pleases us to have you stay with us during the holidays.
1. (general) 
a. pleasure 
un viaje de placera pleasure trip
ha sido un placer (conocerle)it has been a pleasure meeting you
es un placer ayudarteit's a pleasure to help you
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. to please 
nos place comunicarle que…we are pleased to inform you that…
si me placeif I want to, if I feel like it
1 (gen) pleasure
es un placer hacerlo it is a pleasure to do it; con mucho o sumo placer with great pleasure; tengo el placer de presentarle a ... it's my pleasure to introduce ...; viaje de placer pleasure trip; a placer as much as one wants
placer de dioses heavenly delight
2 (deleite) pleasure
los placeres del ocio the pleasures of idleness; darse a los placeres to give o.s. over to pleasure
transitive verb
(agradar) to please
me place poder hacerlo I am glad to be able to do it
1 (Geología) (Minería) placer
2 (Náutica) sandbank
3 (Col) (solar) plot; patch; (Agr) ground prepared for sowing
4 (Caribe) field
Phrases with "placer"
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es un placer 
pleased to meet you, my pleasure 
ha sido un placer 
it's been a pleasure 
Verb Conjugations for placer
Gerund: placiendo
Participle: placido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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