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masculine noun
1. pleasure
  • un viaje de placer a pleasure trip
  • ha sido un placer (conocerle) it has been a pleasure meeting you
  • es un placer ayudarte it's a pleasure to help you
transitive verb
2. to please
  • nos place comunicarle que… we are pleased to inform you that…
  • si me place if I want to, if I feel like it
1 (gen) pleasure
es un placer hacerlo it is a pleasure to do it; con mucho o sumo placer with great pleasure; tengo el placer de presentarle a ... it's my pleasure to introduce ...; viaje de placer pleasure trip; a placer as much as one wants
placer de dioses heavenly delight
2 (deleite) pleasure
los placeres del ocio the pleasures of idleness; darse a los placeres to give o.s. over to pleasure
transitive verb
(agradar) to please
me place poder hacerlo I am glad to be able to do it
1 (Geología) (Minería) placer
2 (Náutica) sandbank
3 (Col) (solar) plot; patch; (Agr) ground prepared for sowing
4 (Caribe) field
Verb Conjugations for placer
Gerund: placiendo
Participle: placido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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