Pivot in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
1. eje (m) pivote (m) (of turning mechanism); eje (m) (key person)
intransitive verb
2. pivotar (turning mechanism)(on sobre); girar (on or around en torno a) (plan)
pivot [ˈpɪvət]
(Mil) (Téc) pivote (m); eje (m) (central)
she is the pivot around which the community revolves ella es el eje sobre el que gira toda la comunidad
transitive verb
(mount on pivot) montar sobre un pivote; (cause to turn) hacer girar
he pivoted it on his hand lo hizo girar sobre la mano
intransitive verb
girar;on sobre
she pivoted in front of the mirror se dio una vuelta frente al espejo; to pivot on sth girar alrededor de algo; depender de algo
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