masculine noun
1. whistle (silbato)
2. horn (claxon)
3. fag (informal) (cigarrillo)
4. willie (informal) (pene) (British), peter (United States)
5. cock (vulgar) (pene) (especially Mexican Spanish)
6. (expresiones)
  • entre pitos y flautas -> what with one thing and another
  • (no) me importa un pito -> I couldn't give a damn
  • por pitos o por flautas -> for one reason or another
  • tomar a alguien por el pito del sereno -> not to take somebody seriously

pito [pee'-to]
1. Whistle (instrumento, tren). (m)
2. Hooter (de un coche). (m)
3. Pipe, a small flute; boy’s whistle (silbato). (m)
4. Magpie, woodpecker (pájaro), tick (insecto). (Ornate) (n)
5. A species of bug in India. (n)
6. Play among boys. (n)
7. Cocoon of a silkworm open at one end. (Province; Provinicial) (n)
8. (coll.) Miembro viril. (n)
  • No tocar pito -> not to have a share in a thing
  • No vale un pito -> it (he) is not worth a straw
  • Tener voz de pito, to have a squeaky voice. No me importa un pito -> I couldn’t care less
  • Entre pitos y flautas -> what with one thing and another

1 [de coche, camión] horn; hooter; [de tren] whistle; hooter
el camionero tocó el pito the lorry driver blew the horn o hooted
2 (silbato) whistle
el arbitro tocó el pito the referee blew his whistle; tener voz de pito to have a squeaky voice
cuando pitos, flautas it's always the same; one way or another it always happens
cuando no es por pitos es por flautas if it isn't one thing it's another
entre pitos y flautas what with one thing and another
(no) importar un pito
no me importa un pito I don't care two hoots (familiar)
no tocar un pito en algo
en este asunto no toca pito he's got nothing to do with this matter
tomar a algn por el pito de un sereno
me tomaron por el pito de un sereno (España) they thought I was something the cat dragged in
no vale un pito it's not worth tuppence
3 (cigarrillo) fag (familiar); ciggy (familiar); (Latinoamérica) (pipa) pipe
4 (pene) willy (familiar); peter (vulgar); (EEUU)
tocarse el pito to do damn-all (muy_familiar); be bone-idle
5 (Latinoamérica)
pito de ternera steak sandwich
6 (Ornitología)
pito real green woodpecker
pito pito colorito eeny meeny miny mo

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