1. (hole) 
a. el hoyo (M) 
The animal fell into a pit in the ground.El animal cayó en un hoyo que había en la tierra.
b. el foso (M) 
They took all the garbage to a pit they had excavated outside the city.Se llevaron toda la basura a un foso que habían excavado en las afueras de la ciudad.
c. el pozo (M) (South America) 
I hope the pits on the street are repaired soon.Espero que reparen pronto los pozos que hay en la calle.
2. (grave) 
a. la fosa (F) 
We saw the gravediggers put the coffin into the pit.Vimos cómo los enterradores metían el ataúd a la fosa.
3. (hunting) 
a. la trampa (F) 
The hunters made a pit to trap a bear.Los cazadores hicieron una trampa para atrapar un oso.
4. (depression) 
a. el abismo (M) 
After her death, I found myself slowly falling into a pit of despair.Tras su muerte, me vi poco a poco sumido en un abismo de desesperación.
5. (mining) 
a. la mina (F) (coal mine) 
The coal pit closure was followed by multitudinous demonstrations.Manifestaciones multitudinarias siguieron al cierre de la mina de carbón.
b. la cantera (F) (quarry) 
The marble was extracted from the pit and transported to other parts of the country.El mármol era extraído de la cantera y transportado a otras partes del país.
6. (athletics) 
a. el foso (M) 
The athlete ran full speed and jumped into the pit.El atleta corrió a toda velocidad y saltó al foso.
7. (theater) 
a. el foso orquestal (M) (for the orchestra) 
All the musicians were already in the pit.Todos los músicos estaban ya en el foso orquestal.
b. la platea (F) (for the audience) 
We got excellent seats in the pit.Conseguimos unos asientos excelentes en platea.
8. (finance) (United States) 
The stock exchange operations are carried out from the pit.Las operaciones de la bolsa de valores se llevan a cabo desde el parqué.
9. (archaic) (fighting area) 
a. la arena (F) 
The fighting cocks were put in the pit.Pusieron a los gallos de pelea en la arena.
10. (stone of fruit) (United States) 
a. el hueso (M) 
I swallowed the pit of the cherry by mistake.Me tragué el hueso de la cereza sin querer.
b. el carozo (M) 
The ground was scattered with pits and there were no peaches left on the tree.El suelo estaba lleno de carozos y no quedaban duraznos en el árbol.
11. (indentation on the skin) 
a. la marca (F) 
The smallpox left pits in his face.La viruela le dejó marcas en la cara.
Acne can leave pits on your skin.El acné puede dejarte cicatrices en la piel.
12. (colloquial) (bed) (United Kingdom) 
a. el catre (M) (colloquial) 
He has nothing but a pit in his bedroom.Él no tiene más que un catre en su habitación.
13. (literary) (hell) 
After committing all those crimes, he's surely going straight to the pit.Después de cometer todos esos crímenes, seguro que va derecho al infierno.
transitive verb
14. (to leave a mark) 
a. marcar 
The building facade was pitted by the gunfire.La fachada del edificio quedó marcada por los disparos.
The knife pitted the wooden door.El cuchillo dejó una marca en la puerta de madera.
c. picar (on skin) 
The sickness pitted his face forever.La enfermedad le dejó la cara picada para siempre.
15. (to remove the pit) 
a. deshuesar 
Don’t forget to pit those olives.No olvides deshuesar esas aceitunas.
b. descarozar (Latin America) 
We peeled and pitted the plums for the pie.Pelamos y descarozamos las ciruelas para el pay.
16. (to set in combat) 
a. enfrentar 
They pitted two innocent dogs against each other for sheer entertainment.Enfrentaron a dos inocentes perros el uno con el otro por pura diversión.
intransitive verb
17. (to become marked) 
You can pit if you scratch the rash.Puedes hacerte una marca si te rascas el sarpullido.
plural noun
18. (motor racing) 
a. los boxes (M) 
Nowadays racing cars are no longer refueled at the pits.Hoy en día, los autos de carrera ya no recargan combustible en los boxes.
b. los pits (M) 
The car's tires were changed at the pits.Cambiaron las llantas del auto en los pits.
19. (the worst) 
a. lo peor 
This class is the pits. I hate it.Esta clase es lo peor. La odio.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to pit somebody against somebodyenfrentar a alguien con alguien
to pit oneself against somebodyenfrentarse con alguien
she pitted her wits against themmidió su ingenio con el de ellos
pit [pɪt]
1 (hole in ground) hoyo (m); foso (m); (as grave) fosa (f); (as trap) trampa (f); abismo (m)
the bodies were thrown into a pit Eric lost his footing and began to slide into the pit the meat is cooked in a shallow pit the pots are fired in an open pit they were instructed to dig a large pit
he felt himself in a pit of despair se hallaba sumido en un abismo de desesperación
you feel like you're in a pit, you're kind of in a rut if you want to get out of that pit, if you want to end the sadness, make the effort
the pit (hell) el infierno; the pit of hell lo más profundo del infierno; the pit of one's stomach la boca del estómago
he felt sick in the pit of his stomach she felt a knot of anxiety in the pit of her stomach
2 (Min) mina (f) (de carbón); (quarry) cantera (f)
eight more pits are now threatened with closure it was a better community then when all the pits were working a 400-foot deep open pit gold mine a bare plateau of heather, riddled with the pits of old tin workings the children would often take their bikes to a disused clay pit nearby
to go down the pit(s) bajar a la mina; (start work there) ir a trabajar a la mina
he hadn't slept at all, even though he had to go down the pit just as usual at seven in the morning
his mother had been determined that Tom, who had promised to be a clever boy, should not go down the pit Roland first went down the pits in 1948 many miners admit they would be a lot happier if their sons didn't follow them down the pits
3 (Aut) (also inspection pit) foso (m) de reparación
I drove the car over the pit so they could look at the underside
the pits
(Motor Racing) los boxes
he moved quickly into the pits and climbed rapidly out of the car the cars left the pits and crawled to the grid then a tyre blew which lost us three minutes in the pits
to be in the pits [+person, economy] estar por los suelos (informal)
the economy was in the pits I was in the pits and my marriage was falling apart
(Britain) (awful)
this town really is the pits este pueblo es para echarse a llorar; he's the pits es insoportable
this game is the pits Mary Ann asked him how dinner had been - "the pits," he replied getting laughs at the expense of people with disabilities is the pits
5 (Britain) (Teat)
the pit el patio de butacas; la platea
we had seats in the pit from the floor of the pit a tall pillar rises to half the height of the hall
6 (for cockfighting) cancha (f); reñidero (m)
7 (US) (St Ex) parquet (m) de la Bolsa
index-based options would still be traded in the pit in London pit trading of equity options is to move to the small screen
the cotton pit la bolsa del algodón
8 (small depression) (in metal, glass) muesca (f); marca (f); (on face) marca (f); picadura (f)
9 (Britain) (bed) catre (informal) (m); piltra (f) (informal); (Esp)
he was still lying in his pit at 11 o'clock when are you going to get out of your pit?
transitive verb
1 (mark) [+surface] picar; marcar
a car pitted with rust un coche con marcas de óxido; his face was pitted with pockmarks tenía la cara picada de viruelas; the tarmac was pitted with craters la calzada estaba llena de hoyos
the surface of the pond was being pitted by another downpour the walls were pitted with narrow caves a face that had been ruthlessly pitted by acne
her argument is pitted with flaws su argumento está plagado de defectos
pit bull (terrier) (n) pit bull terrier (m); bull terrier (m) de pelea
breeds like pit bull terriers are not cute pets since the Dangerous Dogs Act came into force we have seized or destroyed 25 unregistered pit bulls
pit closure (n) cierre (m) de pozos (mineros)
miners have decided to go on strike in protest at pit closures the debate over the proposed pit closures
pit lane (n) (Motor Racing) recta (f) de boxes
his car limped into the pit lane with a broken gearbox
pit pony (n) poney usado antiguamente en las minas
the last pit pony on British Coal's payroll is retiring today
pit stop (n) (Motor Racing) entrada (f) en boxes; (on journey) parada (f) en ruta
to make a pit stop (Motor Racing) entrar en boxes; (on journey) hacer una parada
we'll have to make a pit stop soon - we're both getting tired
I was lying second and after two pit stops
they went around the world in a week without a pit stop the town is not much more than a pit stop on the drive between Seattle and Spokane
he had to make four pit stops during the race I made three pit stops to clear the throttle and lost five laps
pit worker (n) mineroaminera (m) (f);a minera
up to 300 pit workers were feared dead last night after a gas explosion
pit [pɪt] (US)
(in fruit) pepita (f); hueso (m); pepa (f); especially (LAm)
cut the avocados in half, remove the pits and scoop out the flesh pat the olives dry and remove the pits by cutting away the flesh with a small sharp knife
transitive verb
deshuesar; quitar el hueso a
1 oz black olives, pitted and sliced the olives are pitted in one movement, and the pimento is inserted with ease
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