Pistola in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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feminine noun
1. gun (arma) (con cilindro); pistol (sin cilindro)
  • pistola de agua water pistol
2. spray gun (pulverizador)
  • pintar a pistola to spray-paint
3. gun (herramienta)
4. French loaf (de pan)
1 (arma) pistol; gun; (Técnica) (para pintar) spray gun
pistola ametralladora submachine-gun; tommy-gun
pistola de agua water pistol
pistola de engrase grease gun
pistola de juguete toy pistol
pistola de pintar spray gun
pistola engrasadora grease gun
pistola rociadora de pintura spray gun
2 (España) [de pan] French stick; baguette
3 (pene) prick (vulgar)
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