masculine noun
1. peg, stake (herramienta)
2. (grupo)
  • piquete de ejecución -> firing squad
  • piquete (de huelga) -> picket
3. prick (informal) (picadura, pinchazo) (de aguja) (Mexican Spanish); sting (de insecto); stabbing pain (dolor)

piquete [pe-kay’-tay]
1. Sore or wound of little importance. (m)
2. Small hole made in clothes with a pinking iron (agujero). (m)
3. A pointed stake shod with iron. (m)
4. Picket or piquet, a small detachment of soldiers. (m)
5. Picket (de huelguistas). (m)
6. (Cono Sur) Yard, small corral. (m)
7. Street band. (Caribbean) (m)
  • Piquete avanzado -> picket-guard

1 [de personas] (Mil) squad; party; (en huelga) picket
piquete de ejecución firing squad
piquete informativo picket
piquete móvil flying picket
piquete secundario secondary picket
piquete volante flying picket
2 (Arg) (corral) yard; small corral
3 (pinchazo) prick; jab
4 (agujero) small hole in clothing; (in clothing)
5 (And) (merienda) picnic
6 (Caribe) (Música) street band

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