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ver picar
masculine noun
1. grudge (enfado)
  • tener un pique con alguien to have a grudge against somebody
2. rivalry (rivalidad)
  • irse a pique to sink; (barco) to go under; (negocio) to fail (plan)
3. bounce (de pelota) (Am)
1 (resentimiento) resentment; pique; (inquina) grudge; (rivalidad) rivalry; competition
tener un pique con algn to have a grudge against sb; tienen (un) pique sobre sus coches they're always trying to outdo one another with their cars; estar de pique to be at loggerheads
echar a pique [+barco] to sink; [+futuro, carrera] to wreck; ruin; irse a pique [+barco] to sink; [+esperanza, familia] to be ruined
estar a pique de hacer algo (a punto de) to be on the point of doing sth; (en peligro de) to be in danger of doing sth
4 (Latinoamérica) (Minería) (galería) mine shaft; (México) (pozo) drill; well
5 (Latinoamérica) (rebote) bounce; rebound
6 (Centroamérica) (S. Cone) (sendero) trail; narrow path
7 (And) (insecto) jigger flea
(Naipes) spades
[de droga] fix (muy_familiar); shot (familiar)
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