1. tubería (f) (tube); flauta (f) (musical instrument)
  • the pipes la gaita (bagpipes)
  • pipe band grupo (m) de gaiteros
2. pipa (f) (for smoking)
  • to smoke a pipe fumarse una pipa
  • put that in your pipe and smoke it! (familiar sentido figurado) ¡toma del frasco, Carrasco! (español de España), ¡tómate esa! (Am)
  • pipe cleaner desatascador (m)
  • pipe dream sueño (m) imposible
transitive verb
3. conducir mediante tuberías (water, oil)
  • piped music (familiar) hilo (m) musical
pipe [paɪp]
1 (tube) tubo (m); caño (m); (larger, system of pipes) tubería (f); cañería (f)
they were armed with light automatic weapons, metal pipes, chains and hunting rifles there was a ventilation pipe which was connected to a noisy pump sections of drainage pipe lay against the wall the gearbox had failed due to congealed oil in the feed pipe a steam pipe burst in the driver's cab of the locomotive an irrigation pipe that pumps water out of the stream I bent to adjust the tap on a gas pipe leading to the fire
are your hot and cold water pipes well insulated? gasmen were laying pipes the plant makes plastic covered steel pipes for the oil and gas industries a circular cement pipe which protruded only a few inches from the embankment your water probably passes through lead pipes to get to your home parallel to the railway line a gas pipe is situated and a new motorway planned insurance companies deal with thousands of claims for burst pipes in the winter
a length of copper pipe una tubería de cobre
2 (Mús) [of organ] cañón (m); tubo (m); (wind instrument) flauta (f); caramillo (m)
the widest pipe of the largest cathedral organ there are 10,540 pipes in this instrument
a choir of boys singing to the sound of pipe and flute they marched to the music of pipe and drum
pipes(also bagpipes) gaita (f); (boatswain's) silbato (m)
the pipes of the Scots Guards played "Mallorca" amid the sound of pipes the troops departed musicians started up an old Irish air, /an ancient melody played on pipes, and fiddles/ the wailing pipes caused my hair to bristle
the boatswains blew their pipes, the standard was hoisted and the band struck up
the pipes of Pan la flauta de Pan
certain deities had their own musical instruments as attributes: the sistrum of Isis, the Egyptian harp, Apollo's lyre, the pipes of Pan and the cymbals of Cybele
to play the pipes tocar la gaita
3 (smoker's) pipa (f); cachimba (f); especially (LAm)
he took out his pipe, filled it with tobacco and lit it he sat back and puffed on his pipe to [smoke] a pipe he smokes a pipe he smoked a pipe before he left Einstein was often photographed smoking a pipe He smoked up to three dozen pipes a day
put that in your pipe and smoke it! ¡chúpate esa! (informal)
I'm going whether you like it or not, so put that in your pipe and smoke it she's not going, so you can tell him he can put that in his pipe and smoke it
transitive verb
1 (convey) [+water] canalizar por tuberías; [+gas] llevar por gasoducto; [+oil] llevar por oleoducto
sewage from the villages is piped into the river las aguas residuales de los pueblos son canalizadas y vertidas al río; most of the houses here don't have piped water la mayoría de las casas aquí no tienen agua corriente; the oil is piped across the desert el petróleo es conducido a través del desierto por un oleoducto
the heated gas is piped through a coil surrounded by water the Communists brought electricity to his village and piped in drinking water from the reservoir hot water is piped to all the rooms engineers will pipe cement through a hose to seal the gap in the river wall we can pipe surplus gas to neighbouring countries to pipe oil into a tank the oil is piped to a refinery and then transported by tanker to Los Angeles
2 (broadcast) [+music] emitir
Christmas carols were piped into all the stores joyful Christmas music is being piped through loudspeakers /they lowered the lighting, piped in music/, and altered the work environment in different ways to see how worker productivity was affected Jimmy Carter had classical music piped into many White House rooms a prayer service began inside the church and was piped to the overflow crowd in the church parking lot the restaurant has piped jazz
piped music música (f) ambiental; hilo (m) musical; (Esp)
his latest project is to supply piped music for a shopping centre the book lists over 400 restaurants, pubs and shops which do not play piped music it's a lovely restaurant with lots of atmosphere and no piped music
3 (play) [+tune] tocar (en flauta or gaita)
the musicians piped airs on reed flutes
they piped the admiral aboard con el silbato avisaron al almirante de que subiera a bordo
the commander was piped aboard Jack, duly piped aboard, had already been received with full ceremony and carried aft cleaning the decks, piping hands to breakfast, dinner and supper
4 (Cookery) [+cake] adornar con manga; [+icing, cream] poner con manga
to pipe cream on a cake adornar una tarta con nata or crema usando la manga; (LAm)
a large wedding cake with the word "Congratulations" piped on it scoop the coffee sorbet into fluted glasses and pipe a rosette of whipped cream on top
5 (Cos) ribetear con cordoncillo
a jacket piped with blue at the seams una chaqueta con cordoncillo azul en las costuras
the cushion had been finished with a black velvet backing and piped border
6 (say) decir con voz de pito; (sing) cantar con tono agudo
the children's voices began piping an old nursery rhyme
"but I want to help," she piped —pero es que yo quiero ayudar —dijo ella con voz de pito
"carry your bag for you, sir?" piped a voice at his elbow
intransitive verb
(Mús) tocar el caramillo/la flauta/la gaita; (Náut) tocar el silbato; [+bird] trinar
the immemorial routine of cleaning the upper decks, cleaning the maindeck, piping to the various morning exercises
the birds were piping away the plover begins to pipe with its distinctive song
pipe band (n) banda (f) de gaiteros
the battalion's corps of drums or pipe band would strike up
pipe bomb (n) bomba de mano casera en forma de tubo
pipe cleaner (n) (escobilla (f)) limpiapipas (m)
I made the bees out of black and yellow pipe cleaners smoking accessories, such as cigarette holders and pipe cleaners
pipe dream (n) sueño (m) imposible
you could waste your whole life on a pipe dream it's only a pipe dream, but I wish I could meet him would communication therapy be a breakthrough for our child? - or would it be another pipe dream? the project of a collected edition of his works remained a pipe dream
pipe organ (n) órgano (m) de tubos
plover had an excellent voice - it sounded like the low notes on a pipe organ an engineer whose hobby is building and playing pipe organs
pipe rack (n) soporte (m) para pipas
pipe smoker (n) fumadorafumadora (m) (f) de pipa;a fumadora
I used to be a heavy pipe smoker cigar and pipe smokers have a reduced risk of developing heart disease
pipe stem (n) cañón (m) de la pipa
he pointed at me with his pipe stem he nibbled on his pipe stem
pipe tobacco (n) tabaco (m) de pipa
the room stank of pipe tobacco it smells like my grandfather's pipe tobacco
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