feminine noun
1. spot (lunar)
2. appearance (aspecto)
  • tener pinta de algo -> to look o seem something
  • tiene buena pinta -> it looks good
3. pint (unidad de medida)
4. graffiti (pintada) (Mexican Spanish)
  • irse de pinta -> to play truant(hacer novillos) (Mexican SpanishBr), to play hookey (United States)

pinta [peen’-tah]
1. Spot (punto), blemish, scar. (f)
2. Any mark by which the qualities of a thing are known. (f)
3. Trump (triunfo en cartas). (f)
  • ¿Qué pinta -> ¿what’s trump
4. Drop (gota). (f)
5. Pint, a liquid measure. (f)
6. Appearance (aspecto), look. (f)
7. Worthless creature (persona inútil). (f)
8. Coloring, coloration; (LAm.) birthmark (señal). (Andes & Caribbean) (f)
  • Una tela a pinta azules -> a cloth with blue spots
  • Tener buena pinta -> to look good (persona)
noun, plural
9. Spots on the skin in malignant fevers.
10. Basset, a game of cards.

1 (lunar) (gen) spot; dot; (Zoología) spot; mark
una tela a pintas azules a cloth with blue spots
2 [de líquidos] drop; spot; [de lluvia] drop; (bebida) drop to drink
una pinta de grasa a grease spot
3 (aspecto) appearance
por la pinta by the look of it; tener buena pinta [+persona] to look good; look well; [+comida] to look good; tener pinta de listo to look clever; tiene pinta de criminal he looks like a criminal; tiene pinta de español he looks Spanish; he looks like a Spaniard; ¿qué pinta tiene? what does he look like?; con esa(s) pinta(s) no puedes ir you can't go looking like that
¡a la pinta! (S. Cone) perfect!; that's fine!
estar a la pinta (S. Cone)
tener pinta (S. Cone)
(atractivo) to be attractive; (elegante) to be smart; be well-dressed
no se le vio ni pinta (Latinoamérica) there wasn't a sign o trace of him
tirar pinta to impress
4 (Latinoamérica) (Zoología) (colorido) colouring; coloring; (EEUU) coloration; (característica) family characteristic; distinguishing mark
5 (Centroamérica) (México) (pintada) piece of graffiti
6 (Naipes) spot indicating suit; (indicating suit)
¿a qué pinta? what's trumps?; what suit are we in?
7 (And) (S. Cone) (juego) draughts
; (p)
(dados) dice
8 (S. Cone) (Minería) high-grade ore
hacer pinta (México)
irse de pinta (Centroamérica)
to play truant
ser de la pinta (Caribe) to be coloured
(medida inglesa) pint

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