masculine noun
1. (botany) 
a. pine 
Los pinos y los eucaliptos son las especies más comunes de la región.Pines and eucalyptuses are the most common species in the region.
b. pine tree 
El árbol de Navidad del año que viene va a ser un abeto en lugar de un pino.Next year we are getting a fir tree instead of a pine tree for Christmas.
2. (material) 
a. pine 
La mesa de roble es más cara que la de pino.The oak table is more expensive than the one made of pine.
3. (sports) (Mexico) 
a. pin 
Mis amigos se rieron cuando lancé el bolo y no le acerté a ningún pino.My friends laughed when I threw the bowling ball and didn't hit any pins.
masculine noun
1. pine
  • en el quinto pino (informal) in the back of beyond (peninsular Spanish)
  • hacer el pino to do a handstand (peninsular Spanish)
LOS PINOS Los Pinos (“The Pine Trees”) has been the official home of the Mexican president since 1934, when president Lázaro Cárdenas moved there in preference to the nearby Chapultepec Castle, which he felt was too grand, and which he had turned into a national museum. Recently, Los Pinos iteself has been opened to public tours for the first time. By extension, los Pinos is used to refer to the Mexican government: según el portavoz de los Pinos... according to the president's spokesperson...
1 (Botánica) pine; pine tree
ponerle pino (S. Cone) to make a great effort
vivir en el quinto pino to live at the back of beyond
eso está en el quinto pino that's miles away
pino albar Scots pine
pino araucano monkey-puzzle (tree)
pino bravo cluster pine
pino de tea pitch pine
pino marítimo pino rodeno cluster pine
pino silvestre Scots pine
2 (en gimnasia)
hacer el pino to do a handstand
ponerse de pino
3 pinos
en pino (vertical) upright; vertical; (de pie) standing
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hacer el pino
to do a handstand
pino carrasco
Aleppo pine
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